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Yuletide reveal: Vorkosigan Saga and Tamora Pierce

I got:
To Fall in Snow, Still Burning by [ profile] snarkydame
Ronin Warriors | Yoroiden Samurai Troopers -- Sanada Ryou, Hashiba Touma, and others

Ryou has a fever. But the Samurai Troopers don't get sick.
Which starts with a familiar h/c scenario that turns out to have hidden, plotty teeth. EERIE hidden, plotty teeth. I loved it.

And THEN, I got a SECOND RW/YST story for Yuletide Madness. It is a steampunk AU but reads seamlessly as a spaceship AU as well, so you can pick your favorite. :) My favorite part may be the offscreen image of Xiu and Touma tag-teaming the engine repairs.
in the sea of the sky by [ profile] spoke
Ronin Warriors | Yoroiden Samurai Troopers -- Sanada Ryou, Hashiba Touma

It’s a little strange, going down to the engine room without hearing it roar.
I wrote:
Drinks for All at the Peak by [ profile] pentapus
Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold -- Byerly Vorrutyer, Dono Vorrutyer | Donna Vorrutyer

"Rage is going to get me through this," Donna purred.
Ten Mountains by [ profile] pentapus
Tortall - Tamora Pierce -- Buriram Tourakom/Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak, Thayet jian Wilima

It both did and didn’t make sense that she ended up in the comfortable mess that was the common room of the King’s Own – not the one upstairs with the Carthaki rugs and the gold frames on the mirrors, but the one downstairs, where the upholstery had gone bare on the couch arms and one of the wall hangings was an axe that had slain a giant.
I really enjoyed yuletide this year, from desperately trying to get a handle on the Vorrutyers (Donna! By!) to deciding that I could write a whole yuletide treat. Oh, Yuletide. ♥ For which I had to explain both yuletide and fandom to my traveling companions and then borrow the trip netbook on overnight trains to finish. Thank you, Dear Author Letters, for providing both a hilarious Good Eats prompt (Pangalactic Gargleblasters! Lembas!) and a prompt about the tragic romantic past of the Emperor and Chifu (Mulan) when I most needed to illustrate the true nature of yuletide. ♥ ♥

(Though I was really sad that nobody requested Tharkay so that I could have gotten our Asian Studies geek to help me write epistolary fic of Professor Owen Lattimore's observations of Tharkay's journal. Apparently that guy is a Serious Dude in Central Asian Studies.)

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