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pentapus ([personal profile] pentapus) wrote2012-10-03 02:16 pm

FYI - Yuletide nominations.

Because flist is the only way I ever find out about these things -

Yuletide Nominations close today at 9 pm Eastern Time.

Yuletide Admin Post with link to AO3

I nominated the Cloud Roads by Martha Wells, which apparently had already been nominated. I of course had to also nominate -- like I do every year -- Ronin Warriors and Scrapped Princess (an anime you have never heard of, but should watch), thereby filling up my 3 nomination spots. So if there's one of you that had wanted to nominate the Cloud Roads and now felt like nominating The Element of Fire by Martha Wells, that would be amazing. I will somehow cope if it isn't though, so nominate as your heart tells you. :P

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