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Yuletide (and also KakaIru Fest)

For Yuletide I received:
castle in the clouds by Anonymous
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers | Ronin Warriors, Gen, No warnings

Seiji calling him on deck was not to be ignored under any circumstances, but the urgency in his voice this time had Ryou up the ladder in a flash.

As he got out on deck though, he slowed to a stillness he usually couldn’t achieve outside of meditation. He was aware of muttering something, but outside of an oath he had no idea what; the thing before him was filling his thoughts as easily as it filled most of the sky.

A steampunk, airship, and magic AU. It's a glimpse into the beginning of a larger story, and it does a fantastic job of setting up a journey you want to hitch a ride on. My favorite part is that the canon -- which is five, color-coded teenagers fighting demons -- can make it easy to smooth over the differences between the boys, but here they are so distinct. Touma isn't allowed on away missions because he's too excited by SCIENCE to understand danger. Ryou as a captain is so laid back yet charmingly earnest (except when he needs to bust some heads), he spends most of his time trying not be too obvious about how completely all the SCIENCE his crew keeps spouting flies over his head. He follows Touma around in the hopes that Touma will let him do something hands-on like screw in a pipe. N'awww.

And the usual guessing game:
I wrote two stories this Christmas season, one for Yuletide 2012 ([ profile] yuletide_admin) and one for [ profile] kakairu_fest. If you can guess either of them, I will make you a story or a picture in a fandom I know. :)

Note that KakaIru Fest posts through the end of the year, so I won't tell you if mine's been posted yet or not.

Also: I fell in love with the beta process this year. Like the kind where your beta tells you, "Yeah, axe that last half of the story and write a new ending" or "Yeah, you need to add twice as many scenes in between. Go!" Painful, but I am so happy with the outcome. So, if you beta'd either of these stories? I will make you a fanwork too, if you want it. Though until the reveal, you probably need to PM me about that. ;P

Merry slightly-belated Christmas, guys.

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