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pentapus ([personal profile] pentapus) wrote2013-05-07 08:06 am

Avengers art: Clint, Natasha, and Pongo

This image comes from a plotbunny in which the Avengers run into Natasha practicing her personas, and I mean, full on in character. Natasha, sundress, dog, New York city grocery store sunday afternoon, bubbly, middle class - no recognition. And it kind of creeps Steve and Tony out, but Clint's like, shrug, "She practices." And it's implied a little bit that Natasha is laughing her ass off... on the inside. On the outside, she shrieks and facebooks that she just met Tony Stark and apologizes when Pongo keeps sniffing his crotch., I want to read that story.

P.S. OH YEAH, AND I HAVE ART AND A WACOM TABLET AGAIN. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR ADVICE! (To a certain extent I wimped out in the face of learning a new program and downloaded the PS trial. PS, I LOVE YOU. I'm going to give a look-see at the other programs mentioned while the trial tides me over. :D)

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