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pentapus ([personal profile] pentapus) wrote2014-01-12 10:51 am

Another to do list

Ok self, here is all the stuff you are in the hole for right now

[ profile] twreversebang
You have to post.
Mods are a little MIA and have not given posting dates. Posting was supposed to start two weeks ago.

Tw Rare Pair Exchange
Due Feb. 7th, art or fiction
Submitted by email to the mods for review
Once approved, post to the collection on AO3
You will need to type in recipients name manually.

Treehouse Reversebang
Finish those Raksura pictures.

That cat submarine for bro
Some Kento and dragon
More prompt fills?
Post your yuletide fic link + gifts
Post KakaIru to DW and AO3

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