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Yuletide letter

Hello Yuletide Author!

I apologize profusely that I am writing this letter belatedly. Also, it isn't very long. For something longer and rambly, and with prompts I am STILL VERY MUCH interested in, you can check out last year's letter (which was the same as the year before that -- yes, I've have two crappy falls in a row. *wince*)

Yuletide Letter 2015

But you can also write without reading past letters!

This year, because of, well, how. uh. Ok, I don't why I'm having trouble saying this but my situation is not good, it's not stable, I'm really, really stressed. The POINT is just signing up for yuletide was a victory and I will be delighted with any story you write.

My favorite narrative kinks are h/c, identity porn (when it makes canonical sense), gossip/reputation/outsider POV, h/c, world-building, found families, and plotty fic in general. I love anything that shows that a character is loved, respected, valued, and NOT ALONE. I love when characters caring about each other creates problems for those characters (when it fucks up their composure, their reputation, their personal ambitions and schemes, etc). I love, love, love seeing relationships build so that they are different at the beginning than the end. Enemies -> Friends, Enemies -> Less-hateful Enemies, Strangers -> Lovers, etc.

If you want to write pairing fic, I usually don't prefer fic that focuses on mushy/sappy/fluffy romantic tropes: e.g. dates, anniversaries, staring into each other's eyes and thinking about how lucky they are to have found the man they love, etc. (Note: I don't actually care if the characters in a pairing ever get to the "I love you" point in your story. I pretty much prefer pairing fic that's nearly indistinguishable from gen devoted BFF fic.)

That said... if writing romantic feels is what you do best, go ahead! I'm seriously just happy to be in yuletide this year, and I will love any story I get in one of these fandoms. A+++, thank you so much.

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