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Which is, I guess, my way of asking if anyone would like a postcard from Hawaii?

I've only got two more days, but I should be able to get to everyone who comments today (insert flashback to Iceland where I finished the last one while listening to last call announcements for my flight and ended up doing a crazy search for a post box before sprinting for a gate. Look, I have a postcard problem; I've come to accept it.)

Also, I've totally given up on any fandom content for postcards. They are all science and weird stories all the way.

If you'd like one, please comment with your address or you can tell me if the last one I had for you (if you got one form Iceland) is still correct. (I just set all comments to screened, so you're good.)
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...when you realize you're reading your own requests. Damn!

Or put another way: Thank you, pinch-hitter. You are my new favorite. XD
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Since fandom just generally knows the answers:

Does anyone have any recommendations for an online postcard printing service?

The goal is to find something cheaper and better quality than staples. Postcards will be color and 100-200 in number.

Thank you!
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Raksura Treehouse Reversebang
3 more pictures
October 31

Teen Wolf Rare Pair
[ profile] twrare_minibang
Check-in/post a snippet: October 14th-20th
Rough drafts and summaries due: November 13th
Summary preview for artists: November 15th
Art claims: November 17th
Art drafts due: December 5th
Posting begins on: December 9th

[ profile] kakairu_fest
Sign-ups open: 29 September
Sign-ups close: 6 8 October
Assignments emailed: 13 October
Works due: 1 December
Posting begins: 15 December
Authors/Artists revealed: 29 December

Nominations: September 16th to September 23rd
Cleanup and Public Eligibility Review: September 23rd to October 7th
Signups: October 7th to October 14th
Assignments: around October 21st
Assignments Due: December 22nd
Collection Opens: December 25th
Author Reveals: January 1st

Guys, how much would you love if there was a mailing list whose sole purpose was to send you an email when a yuletide deadline was happening - nominations, signs up, submissions. Because the flist/reading page thing just does not work for me.
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Ugh, need a third fandom to request for yuletide, but none of my usual third fandoms got nominated. Well, Temeraire did, but I already got my lifelong dream of Elizabeth Bennet, Longwing captain. :((((((
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Before I say anything else (and I’m going to say a lot, it’s just my way), thank you for signing up to write some of my favorite wee fandoms. Every fandom I requested this year is a fandom in which any story, of any shape or size will make me happy. So write the story that grabs you.

I am a sucker for world-building, plot, and fully-formed characters, even in small doses. Now, you can take that and go, but if you would like more clues, what follows is an extended digression on likes, dislikes, and those wee tiny fandoms I've requested.

More on that... the infamous optional details )

More optional details: The Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells, Lilo & Stitch, The Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells, Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers )

That’s all for my requests. I hope you found something in there that helps you. If not, go where your heart takes you. You are writing a story in a wee, tiny fandom of my heart. I already love it. Thank you!

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I spent my morning making this hopefully eyecatching reminder because I don't want you to have the same fannish scare that I did. #fannish-world-problems

Self, I thought, you should check on Yuletide and see if the ball has started rolling yet. ANSWER: YES, DEAR GOD.

PSA for all those like me:

Yuletide signups close Monday, October 14, 2013.
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(I am sorry it took me forever to post this here. RL got a little... uh... for a bit there. But here it is!)

More Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang! Do you like hockey players being more adorable than they have a right to be? Are you unreasonably in love with Sidney Crosby's hang ups about his home? (Yes!!) Would you like there to be meaty conversations that matter while all of this is going on?! Then I am delighted to share [ profile] chibirhm's reversebang story!:D
Home Made by [ profile] chibiRHM, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Sid parks in Geno’s driveway at precisely 8:00 on in the morning with a backseat full of paint.

Prompted from this picture:

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Well, the shirts didn't get printed, but here's a picture of Loki and a lindworm for [ profile] ithildyn.

What I've learned from this is that I should read the ENTIRE article on Fafnir before deciding to draw an odd picture of him, Loki, and tea. Now that I've read the entire article, I know this makes no sense. Or rather, even less sense.

It's also posted here on tumblr. I thought this picture would be pretty tumblr compatible, but mainly I've learned that tumblr is a fickle, fickle thing. One day I'll figure it out.

My usual tumblr interaction:
ieliberte: I can tell when you get on tumblr, because all of a sudden I have reblog notifications for my last 10 "cute animal" posts. Do you check anyone else's blog?
pentapus: yeah, well... shut up.

In other words, I'm awesome at tumblr. Got some protips about it. Going to act on those... soon.
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I swear to god, I will shut up about this is just THREE MORE DAYS! And until then I will bribe you with Teen Wolf fan art, as requested by [ profile] moia

My character notes for this new fandom are as follows:

Lydia: Add more hair.
Derek: Add more eyebrows.

And the shameless plug:

I submitted these t-shirt designs! They need votes to get printed!
Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)

See my previous entry for html to share my designs on LJ/DW. You can hotlink to my photobucket account, no worries, or you can upload them to tumblr or another website if you'd like to share them there!
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Hi all! These got posted during a slow time (Friday-Saturday), so I thought I would just REMIND YOU...

I submitted these t-shirt designs! They need votes to get printed!
Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)

See my previous entry for html to share my designs on LJ/DW. You can hotlink to my photobucket account, no worries, or you can upload them to tumblr or another website if you'd like to share them there!

I'm currently working on some thank-you Avengers and Teen Wolf fan art for folks who have already voted. If you vote, reblog, or otherwise boost the signal, please let me know! And then let me know if you have an art request. I'll do my best to at least get the fandom and character right. :) This is also probably the one and only time you can ask me for a wildly popular OTP slash pairing and I'll TOTALLY DRAW IT. FOR YOU.

Threadless is on my bucket list, I'm going to make it there one day, damn it. Thanks for helping! :)

(once again, there is RL overlap here, so please don't mention my fannish user name in the shirt design comments, thanks!)
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Hi all,

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have submitted two designs to Threadless's Lion King Challenge.

Threadless is a t-shirt seller (as well as hoodies, iphone cases, wall art, etc) that takes design submissions from anyone -- and then anyone who has a Threadless account (free! easy!) VOTES on the designs - FOR SEVEN DAYS ONLY. I own many of their shirts, which I wear until they fall apart, and getting printed on their website would be EXCITING and AMAZING for me. Also, they give me money, but it's warm glow of pride and bragging rights that I'm really after. :)

I would love your help, fandom, in supporting my design! You can help by signing up for a Threadless account and scoring my design (Give it a 5! Yeah!) or by sharing the link to my design on whatever blog flavor you use.

(I use a different screen name on this site because I am also pumping RL people for votes, so please don't mention my fannish name in the comments - thanks!)

Now, since it's in my best interests to NOT SHUT UP ABOUT THIS for the next 7 days, IF YOU VOTE OR REBLOG, please leave a request on one of these posts with a request for a picture you'd like to see me draw! I will try to fill as many as I can and post the results over the next week (while continuing to loudly advocate for my designs. :P)


Someone I know submitted this t-shirt design! It needs votes to get printed!
Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<a href=""><b>Someone I know submitted this t-shirt design! It needs votes to get printed!</b></a>
<a href="">Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)</a>

Someone I know submitted this t-shirt design! It needs votes to get printed!
Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<a href=""><b>Someone I know submitted this t-shirt design! It needs votes to get printed!</b></a>
<a href="">Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)</a>

Tragically, Threadless has gotten rid of the little counter that shows how you're doing. It probably helps with unbiased voting BUT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. XD
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It's that time again - I submitted two designs to Threadless' Lion King challenge! You know what that means - Yep, 7 days of me posting every day!!! To remind you! Plus Bribery!

Dear Fandom,

Please vote for my designs! (Remember, 5 is good! Vote 5!)

If you link my designs or reblog or vote for my designs, please leave an art request here! I will try to fill as many of them as I can over the next week (as I continue bothering all of you with art posts about my designs). :)

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Already submitted my art, bitches. Oh yeah. (Actually, I'm thinking about what to draw for a second submission. I've gotten as far as: Lydia.)

Come and join [ profile] twreversebang!

Rules and Information
Sign Ups: Artists | Authors | Fic and Art Betas
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So I started watching Teen Wolf. This picture is Lydia Martin. She screams a lot and is my favorite. She has lots of personality, is super smart, and is very self-interested (as opposed to a protagonist who's limited plotwise to Doing the Right Thing, i.e. Scott and Allison), and gets to do eerie creepy things that freak her out. She is oodles of fun to watch.

Please give me recs! Tell me where the hangouts and challenges are! Though I've heard this is a one pairing fandom - Y/N? Maybe I can bribe people for Lydia fic? Ooh, how about team fic?! There's got to be that, right?

I hear fandom has a lot of Derek. My favorite part of Derek Hale is his total failure at life and leadership. (He hopes all his pack babies' problems can be solved by TRYING HARDER or CARING MORE - and he's wrong and there are consequences. I ♥ consequences.) I am making a wild assumption that fic!Derek will be... competent and/or smooth, even, and that will make me sad. So sad. :(

Also, I WANT LYDIA. And yes, Lydia/Stiles. Or Lydia/anyone. And teamfic. And world building. Tell me -- is there hope?!
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Earlier, I posted some orphaned images (doctor who, inception) from Treehouse Reversebang. This is another orphaned image. It was intended to be a prompt for a story, but I think it looks pretty cool on its own.

(If you would like to write a story for this image, let me know. First I will squee, and then I will take the image down until you can post image + story to AO3. :) Otherwise, like I said, I think it looks pretty cool on its own.)

ETA: [personal profile] tucuxi has offered to write a story for this image, so it's down until she finishes! :)

Oh ideas.

Aug. 25th, 2013 08:43 pm
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I have drawn 9 sketches (for 8 people signed up) for Treehouse Reversebang: Books of the Raksura, and I still have half a dozen ideas that I am going, "AW, WHY DIDN'T I DRAW THAT."

So, it's... uh... fun so far.

me: So I still want to draw 1) Moon's colony-not-destroyed AU, 2) Moon surrounded by other consorts, 3) Jade with some strong emotional expression -- possibly "murder", and 4) Hmm... can't remember. Stone in the sea realms maybe, or just Stone and Moon. Or Moon with a scary queen.
Ileliberte: doing what with a scary queen?
me: Being threatened by one? Mutual threats? Skeptical stares?
Look, I just want Jade to kick the shit out of somebody.
Ileliberte: ok, valid point. XD
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Two things:

I added all complete Treehouse Reversebang stories to a Collection on AO3. There are 10! Wow.

I have 2 orphaned images from previous rounds of Treehouse Reversebang. (And thank you to those authors for letting me know they wouldn't be able to write for these - knowing was much better than not knowing.) These were intended to be prompts for stories, but I think they look pretty cool on their own.

(If you would like to write for one of these, let me know. First I will squee, and then I will take the image down until you can post image + story to AO3. Otherwise, like I said, I think they look pretty cool on their own. :) )

Doctor Who

Inception (Or any fandom with scruffy blonde dudes in plaid, I guess :P)

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ETA: These sign-ups are permanently open. I will let you know how quickly I can make you a prompt depending on RL at the time.

(5 sec guide: Raksura are shape-shifters with interesting politics, reversed gender roles, and sharp claws. I recommend the books.)

The Basic Idea
I will draw you a BOOKS OF THE RAKSURA picture as a prompt for a BOOKS OF THE RAKSURA story. Your story must be about 1K words (or more), and it must be written so that the picture (on some level) makes sense as an illustration for your story.

Here are some of the previous prompts I’ve drawn: Finished Treehouse Reversebang

Deadlines and Finished Stories
I will give you a mostly-finished sketch within a month of your request. Please pick a reasonable deadline for yourself (e.g. 2-3 months post receipt of picture). When your story is finished, the story will be posted with embedded art to AO3 with you and me as coauthors. Then we wait for fame and glory.

Expect that your picture might have ANYTHING in it. You are happy about this! It's a challenge!
Interpret your prompt in ANY WAY that works for you. If I can draw anything, you can write anything.
Keep me updated on how you are doing, even if how you are doing is AWFUL AND QUITTING IN TEARS.

Realize you don't know what to write, feel guilty, and go AWOL so I don't get mad at you. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I WILL GET MAD AT YOU. The instant you email me to LET ME KNOW what your status is, that is the instant I stop being mad. SCOUT'S HONOR.

If you’re interested, please comment to this post with
1) email
2) your deadline (a date or a period of time)
3) a statement that you are ready for anything
4) Preferred characters and likes/dislikes (I will try to respect these as long as they don't get too specific)
5) You may have ONE hard no-go, be specific (e.g. NO NON-RAKSURAN AUs or NO UNHAPPY FACES or NO BABIES) [Note that my pictures will NEVER have explicit sexual content.]
6) Would you want to (a) see 2-3 sketches of possible prompts and choose which one I should finish OR (b) be surprised with a finished prompt?

This fandom is small. I can probably draw as many pictures as people want. If too many sign up, I'll pick a mix of people I know and people I don't.

And some final PLEASE DOs: ask questions, and share this link with anyone you think would like to participate. :)

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Hey, for those who might be interested but did not see, I asked about interest in more treehouse reversebangs.

Also let me know fandoms you'd like to see. :) Things I'm thinking about: books of the raksura, women of avengers, women of teen wolf, yet more hockey (blackhawks?), methos crossovers...


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