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Here is the second of the new(ish) Reversebang stories! I felt guilty initially because I had given [ profile] tielan a set of characters that were not her first choice, but having read the story, I regret nothing. Fantastic Clint and Natasha, with some great outsider POV of Natasha (also, I like that - for not very long, admittedly - you are worred for Natasha's physical safety which becomes worry for her emotional well being, because, uh, she has the physical well in hand) plus great team dynamic with Maria as the new handler. Basically, it's a story about Natasha's anger and how well Clint (and to a lesser extent, Maria) know Natasha. :D
The Guy, The Spy, His Not-Wife, And Their Handler by [ profile] tielan
It should be a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a date rape drug must be in want of a brain.

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Two more Tree House Reversebang stories are done! Here is the first, an eerie Doctor Who Rose/Ten story with an interfering TARDIS, for those of you who like your space ships with a little sentience. :P I especially liked the great opening that captured the weirdness of traveling on a ship where weird and fantastic are the norm.
For the Cost of a Nightmare by [ profile] lar_laughs
Nothing has gone right lately. Rose knows it. The Doctor knows it. Jack knows it which is the very reason he decided to leave. Rose has no idea how to make things better so when she's given a chance to make things right, she jumps at the chance. Perhaps, this time, she'll figure out what's really important.

(Anybody recognize the landscape? :D)
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Uh, sorry, guys. Turns out the ps app is kind of... clunky.

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Finished! Here are the completed icons.


1-2. Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, requested by [ profile] ithildyn and [ profile] mizz_destiny and [personal profile] astridv
3-4. Books of the Raksura, requested by [personal profile] monanotlisa, [personal profile] everbright, [ profile] snarkydame, and sort of [ profile] ileliberte and (even more sort of) [ profile] spoke
5-9. Deaths: Death of the Endless (Sandman), Methos (Highlander), and Death (Discworld) requested brilliantly by [ profile] lillian13
10-17. Hockey RPF, Sid and Geno, requested by [personal profile] james and [ profile] thehoyden
18. Community, Leslie Knope eating a waffle, requested by [personal profile] runpunkrun
19. Person of Interest, Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese (maybe those are their names?), requested by [ profile] astolat

Avengers, Raksura, Sandman/Highlander/Discworld, Hockey RPF, Community, Person of Interest )

And here's the large versions...

This was a totally brilliant suggestion by [personal profile] lillian13. And I love the big picture. Making icons from this that were recognizable as, like, people with faces, was awful. Looking at you, Methos. Thanks for nothing.

The rest of them... )
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So [ profile] marycrawford won my yuletide guessing game (immediately and with no hesitation -- which also happened with my KakaIru fic, so I guess I was predictable this year), and she asked for an illustration from Children of the New Court and gave several options. I chose the scene where Chime is putting jewelry on Moon.

([ profile] marycrawford,by the way, wrote a fantastic yuletide fic of her own in another Martha Wells verse:
When the Sea is, Fall of Ile-Rien, Tremaine, Ilias, Gilead
Tremaine had been living in Cineth for more than a month now, and so far, none of her more pessimistic predictions had come to pass. She hadn’t gotten anyone killed, not even Cletia; she hadn’t added Ilias to her previously dismal record of broken relationships; and she hadn’t been homesick for Vienne at all.
which I enjoyed immensely.)

Anyway, here goes:

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Here is a belated post for [ profile] tucuxi's story for "Treehouse" Reversebang. Oh my god, guys, I made so much flailing when she sent me this. World-building! Action! Details! Ninjas! Plot! And just a touch of peril and worry. My favorite is how you get so much information about Kakashi's relationship with Iruka when Iruka isn't even in the room. I cannot believe the story she made out of my picture. SO HAPPY.
Breaking and Entering On AO3 On LJ by [ profile] tucuxi
No warnings, 17k word count, action and world-building with a side of KakaIru
Kakashi notices an intruder in Iruka's apartment, and finds rather more than he bargained for.

If you need some intro to Naruto fandom, I previously recced it here and a bit here. Basically: it's a ninja village in psuedo-modern japan with plenty of world-building by way of mixing the bad ass with the mundane - a.k.a. deadly secret techniques + paperwork and politics. ♥
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And here is a Treehouse Reversebang fic by [personal profile] jonesandashes, another of the coauthor's on well, let the drum beat drop, an avengers ensemble team fic that I fucking loved. As previously mentioned, when I threw myself at them in the comments, they were both more than game, and it has worked out brilliantly. :D

A Brief Introduction to Asgardian Dinner Parties, PG-13, Avengers, Jane, Natasha, Bruce + Asgardians
This is the first Earth-Asgard bonding opportunity since that time Loki punched interstellar relations in the face, twice, and the king and queen of Asgard are here, and they are her boyfriend’s parents.

Jane is absolutely not going to get drunk at this party, is the point.

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Another Treehouse Reversebang fic! \o/ This one is by [personal profile] pollyrepeat, who was one of the coauthor's on well, let the drum beat drop, an avengers ensemble team fic that I fucking loved. And luckily for me, when instead of just commenting that I fucking loved it, I sort of threw myself and this reversebang thing at them, neither of them backed away slowly. Which leads us here -- to VICTORY.

He hit the heights at breakneck speed by [ profile] pollyrepeat
PG-13, Avengers, Tony, Clint, Natasha
In which Natasha gives the thumbs-up to Tony Stark and the Iron Man suit, the Avengers Initiative starts a little differently, and Tony finds himself spending a lot of time with assassins and/or spies.

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Here's the last of the [ profile] trekreversebang pictures that never got a story.

Winona Kirk and Christopher Pike meet up! Are they on a ship, an office building, a space station? Who knows! I just wanted politcal maneuvering and also love. *looks at [ profile] reccea -- or, you know, anyone -- with big, wibbly eyes*

As I said before, my personal canon tells me that Kirk's mom is not an awful mom, though I would be happy to see her join the ranks of Henry Spencer and Madeleine Weston in the flawed-but-loving category. It also tells me that she is alive and that the angry dude in the car is her jerk brother (until they cut that extra scene).

I drew this picture last because, not counting their ages in the picture, it's basically the same thing I prompted last year, for which I got the brilliant Mobius by [ profile] miss_porcupine.

On the other hand, I told myself, Miss P gives wonderful pragmatic military realism, and there are plenty of other genres left to angle for (like smooches! Or even better, politcal intrigue + smooches). Also, let's be honest here, what Miss P's story really did was make me want more of it forever. :P
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More on my batting-average for AWOL reversebang authors. Here's another of the [ profile] trekreversebang pictures that never got a story. :(

Originally, I only did one piece of art for the challenge. Just before sign ups, a call went out that writers greatly outnumbered artists and would we be willing to do any extra art. Since I love making prompts more than anything, I did, uh, four more pieces for the challenge in the next week. Three of them I had clear plans for. For the rest, all I knew was that I wanted there to be multiple pairings and multiple ladies available for writers. After a bunch of fruitless brainstorming, somehow I ended up with, "I'll draw Gaila with a bunch of cats. That's got unanswered questions, right? Oh, and also this forest picture I just found."

So here you go.

I have belatedly realized I have a (very) soft spot for the Witch of the Woods theme. In that, in addition to Gaila and her cats, three of the treehouse reversebang pictures so far meet the general criteria. And of course, there's Morgana and the bear.
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OMG, guys, [ profile] reccea wrote me comment fic for the story-less picture I did for [ profile] trekreversebang. It is the adorablest. Go look!

"I am small and not very tasty," Chekov offered.
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I think I mentioned that my record for reversebang writers not going AWOL is, well, it's good if it's a batting average. (2 out of 6 didn't disappear, though by the way, the ones that finished? Awesome).

Anyway. Here's one of the [ profile] trekreversebang pictures that never got a story. :(

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I have had an awful record this year for reversebangs, but DC dystopia came with a lovely feature I had not anticipated -- a pinch hitter!

Title: Burn it to the Ground
Story by: [ profile] tsubasalove87
Art by: [personal profile] pentapus
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel

[Read the story]

The whole, enormous image )

Note: If you are not familiar with Supernatural, it is worth watching Castiel's first appearance, remembering that this is a show that has had 3 seasons of evil all up in there, increasingly in accordance with the Christians mythos of demons, devil, and Hell. Angels remained a... polite fiction for the masses.

Actually the whole episode is a brilliant build of suspense. You could pretty much just watch that one (that's basically what I did).

In short: Angels are scary and inhuman weapons of heaven that have to possess somebody to talk to us. We can't see their real self except in delightfully creepy shadows. Castiel's wings looked as big as a barn. Since this picture was drawn to the Dean-as-Archangel-Michael genre of SPN fic, I extrapolated.

I haven't read the fic anymore than you guys have, so I'm looking forward to it. Link when I get home!
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The art posts for [ profile] kakairu_fest are up! In fact the whole fest is posted is it's entirety, and there is one more week of voting. (You can also just read without voting if the competition feel is not your fandom space.) Some seriously good stuff here.

Entry Master Post <- click! Read! Look!

Art Posts:

Remember, you'll have nooooo idea which is mine. In fact, it isn't already obvious just from the previews. That's what I like about art - the anonymity.

<-- Post one: "Lost"

Post two: "Good Sport"


I enjoyed the hell out of a lot of the stories that got posted, above and beyond my expectations. Honestly, the whole thing is worth checking out if you are a fan of Kakashi or Iruka. That said, my four very favorite stories were:

Bringing Up Kakashi, which is freaking fantastic Asimov-style AU with robots and artifical intelligence.

Sealed. Really liked this story's canon feel. The event that sets off the story has that special kind of bizarrely-real feeling. Kakashi is found at the foot of the Hokage monument, apparently having fallen, but no one knows if he was pushed or jumped -- ninja can't just fall, can they? I loved the details of the house Iruka spends most of the story working on. You pretty quickly figure out the secret of the house, but the details of the world-building and the characters' emotions keep you interested and invested while you're getting there. And 'there' is someplace you really want to be.

Rhythm of the Heart. Strictly Ballroom AU. Really well executed. Loved the descriptions of the dancing and Iruka's experiences being thrown into it. I wish I could create a world this real just from wikipedia research.

Excuses Solve.... Fantastic canon story in which Iruka is working on a civilian graduate degree and doing research on Shinobi survival rates vs. academy time. Loved all the behind the scenes details -- where the data is kept, who's in charge of processing those ubiquitous mission reports, and the implications of truly awful handwriting. Also how Iruka has to do statistics without computers!
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The next Treehouse Reversebang story is done! Actually, it's two stories, because [ profile] marbleglove wrote two separate possible scenarios to the prompt. Understandable I think, since she prompted me with a Methos crossover and then listed freaking Valdemar as a possibility. GOLD, RIGHT THERE. One is a fantastic, warm story with a bit of Teacher!Methos. The other gives us angst and Curmudgeon!Methos. I cannot decide which companion I like more. Read both!

Seventh Times a Charm
Story by [ profile] marbleglove
Art by [ profile] pentapus
Methos does not ride white horses anymore but a Companion can be, if not patient, at least highly determined.

Every Ending a Beginning, and Every Beginning an End
Story by [ profile] marbleglove
Art by [ profile] pentapus
A Companion without his Herald is only half a person, but Methos is determined to never again be who he was, riding out all in white..

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Title: Night Music
Author: [personal profile] sage
Artist: [personal profile] pentapus
Rating: Gen
Length: 24,000 words
Warnings: No major warnings. Some violence, wartime setting.
Notes: Written for [ profile] sgareversebang!
Summary: The stargate program begins in 1928, when Dr. Langford's team discovers a working stargate in Giza and the symbols to dial Atlantis. Then the aliens invade.

[Read the story on AO3]

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Art by
Title: The Vulcan Queen
Artist: [personal profile] pentapus
Author: [ profile] infiniterider
Genre/Pairing: Adventure, Eventual pairing S/K/M/U
Word Count: 39,185
Warnings: some strong language, gender bending

[Read the story]

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Title: More than Starfleet
Author: [ profile] sarhea
Artist: [personal profile] pentapus

Summary: Chekov and Sulu get an easy assignment that doesn’t turn out to be so simple
after all. They are introduced to Watchers, Immortals, Quickenings, and duelling in quick
succession and are just as quick to roll with the punches.

[Read the story on AO3]

Drawn for [ profile] trekreversebang with [ profile] sarhea, who when given a list of possible crossover fandoms, won me over forever by choosing Methos. She's written a really nifty story where Chekov and Sulu catch only a glimpse of the way the Watcher-Immortal relationship works in the future. My favorite part is the way there is a new "normal" for the organization, but it still feels everyday ordinary because to them it is. Read it! :D
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Still sort of Flu-ey. I think I would get better much faster if someone would write post-Avengers Clint/Darcy. Which is the greatest no-canon basis pairing ever. See Manifesto. There are GIFs!
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Wait, what? (I am pretty certain this is not really the title)
SGA, Nancy/Yoni (and many other OCs)
Fic by [ profile] miss_porcupine
Art by [ profile] pentapus

The first of the misleadingly named "treehouse reversebang" pictures, which has nothing to do with treehouses.

Some of you may know that [ profile] miss_porcupine writes a fantastically detailed and three dimensional SGA universe that basically makes Atlantis make sense behind the scenes. For years now, I have been not-so-secretly shipping Yoni Safir (a prickly, grim Israeli doctor played in our minds by Oded Fehr) and Nancy Clayton (tall, laid back, faux redhead doctor with a history of cliff-jumping and a learned ability to roll with the punches of whatever Lorne's Marines come up with next.)

For a someone as gen-oriented as Miss P, that's very nearly the definition of wishful thinking. Or obnoxious persistence. Miss P is finally offering me some positive reinforcement for my behavior, and I am SO HAPPY. :D :D


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