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2016-11-01 12:21 pm

batfam exchange letter

You know, I'm not sure this exchange really does author letters? BUT I'M DOING IT.

Dear Author,

I am REALLY EXCITED to get a Batfamily story, so just like yuletide, please consider this letter to be HELPFUL BUT OPTIONAL. Please write the story that speaks to you. Even if it doesn't include ANY of these things, I will still be happy!

This letter in one sentence:

My bulletproof kink is my fave being loved, respected, not alone, and also bleeding a little/a lot.

This letter in a lot more sentences:

GEN VS. ROMANCE: My big narrative kink is characters becoming less alone. I want the main characters to find someone (or someones) to be a longterm life companion, someone to put on their medical contact forms. Romantic pairings hit that kink almost automatically, but if you can do it with gen, I’m all for it.


  • Plot, family, world-building, relationship dynamics, interpersonal politics, competence kink. I like drama, mortal peril, and characters caring deeply about each other (and about each other in peril)

  • H/C. Peril. Protectiveness, especially grumpy growly won’t-admit-it, maybe-doesn’t-even-realize-it protectiveness.

  • I love seeing a connection being built step by step from scratch. You don't need to show me the whole journey from A to B. Just one step from the beginning or middle would be great. Strangers –> Family. Estranged --> Understanding. Enemies –> Lovers. Wariness –> Communicating without Words. Etc.

  • POV Characters getting so stressed or injured they’re not really aware of their surroundings. Who gets them out of there and what are the consequences, how does everyone else react.

  • Physical proximity and touch as comfort and safety.

  • I love when characters caring about each other creates problems for those characters (when it fucks up their composure, their reputation, their personal ambitions and schemes, etc). I love circumstances that trick a character into revealing more than they meant to.

  • I love supporting characters and ensemble casts. I love when supporting characters put our main characters into context. I love when a story shows me how a character's different relationships are, well, *different* from each other. Especially when the other characters notice.

  • Any sexual activity between an underage character and an adult, unless the age gap is 1-2 years. Bruce paired romantically or sexually with any of his children or proteges.

  • Fluff without peril. Porn without plot. Crippling public embarrassment. Romantic cliches like first dates, proposals, meeting the parents, the shovel talk, staring into each other's eyes, saying "I love you" out loud, etc. The trope where everyone assumes A and B are dating and no one believes A when A says they're not.

CANON COMPLIANCE OPTIONAL: I view the DC universe as a build-your-own-burrito bar. Beat the continuity into whatever shape you want, I don't mind at all. :) My batfamily is: Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, Damian, Cass, Babs with a side of Alfred, Bruce, Selina, and Jim Gordon. I don't really know the other characters because I am really, really not up to date on canon.

Re: Bruce, I prefer him flawed but loving; someone who's done some things wrong but not *everything*.

Re: Jason, I am a sucker for a good redemption arc. I love a Jason who isn't easy, who's made his own bad choices, who's dangerous. A Jason who dug the hole he's stuck in and who’s digging himself out the same way. A Jason who's still the kid who loved school and reading more than any other Robin.

Re: Dick,I would like to see him with some hard edges and darkness. I personally love Dick as a team leader and machiavellian schemer who also works himself to death trying to be involved in a bunch of different teams and support a bunch of different heroes. Who is chatty and smirky and vain and loves attention. Who can get angry.

Re: Ladies, I like selfish, ambitious women who make mistakes and don't know what they're doing all the time, who tough it out or break down or ask for help or fake it til they make it or *whatever*. Ladies who are not any less disaster human beings than the boys. Ladies who go through as much shit as the boys. Basically I like when the ladies are written to appeal to my id and my empathy rather than written to be my role model. Vulnerable BAMFs, yeah?

A final note: if you find yourself contorting painfully to match my likes and dislikes, please ignore them. Write your story. I am always interested to see another fan's interpretations of the characters. I will read it and enjoy it! Thank you again for writing for me. :D

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2016-10-05 06:33 pm

Yuletide letter

Hello Yuletide Author!

I apologize profusely that I am writing this letter belatedly. Also, it isn't very long. For something longer and rambly, and with prompts I am STILL VERY MUCH interested in, you can check out last year's letter (which was the same as the year before that -- yes, I've have two crappy falls in a row. *wince*)

Yuletide Letter 2015

But you can also write without reading past letters!

This year, because of, well, how. uh. Ok, I don't why I'm having trouble saying this but my situation is not good, it's not stable, I'm really, really stressed. The POINT is just signing up for yuletide was a victory and I will be delighted with any story you write.

My favorite narrative kinks are h/c, identity porn (when it makes canonical sense), gossip/reputation/outsider POV, h/c, world-building, found families, and plotty fic in general. I love anything that shows that a character is loved, respected, valued, and NOT ALONE. I love when characters caring about each other creates problems for those characters (when it fucks up their composure, their reputation, their personal ambitions and schemes, etc). I love, love, love seeing relationships build so that they are different at the beginning than the end. Enemies -> Friends, Enemies -> Less-hateful Enemies, Strangers -> Lovers, etc.

If you want to write pairing fic, I usually don't prefer fic that focuses on mushy/sappy/fluffy romantic tropes: e.g. dates, anniversaries, staring into each other's eyes and thinking about how lucky they are to have found the man they love, etc. (Note: I don't actually care if the characters in a pairing ever get to the "I love you" point in your story. I pretty much prefer pairing fic that's nearly indistinguishable from gen devoted BFF fic.)

That said... if writing romantic feels is what you do best, go ahead! I'm seriously just happy to be in yuletide this year, and I will love any story I get in one of these fandoms. A+++, thank you so much.
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2016-01-15 08:13 am

(no subject)

Hey guys,

I am traveling again, which means I'm also sending postcards with fan art, little comics about my trip, or science nerd facts.

Here's the ones I drew on my last trip.

If you'd like one, please send an email to pentapoda at gmail with 'postcard' in the subject line. Please include your address and a few fandoms. Bonus points if you let me know you'd also be into doodles of science, creatures, or little autobio comics. :)

Do not leave your address in a comment here (which is how i used to do this). They are not screened.
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2015-03-11 06:08 pm

(no subject)

If you asked for a postcard on the previous post, would you please comment with some fandoms? I've kind of burned out on drawing animals. As always, no guarantees I will match your prompt. :P

Also, anyone who requests a postcard from now on, I can't promise to get to you, but you are welcome to add your name to the list. My productivity is very unpredictable.

ETA: it doesn't have to be current hot fandoms or a fandom at all. Just some things you like would be cool. I am terrible with wide open requests I am realizing. (FYI, I am generally allergic to major slash pairings... except Dean/Cas for some reason.)

P.S. if you already gave me fandoms, I probably already drew you a postcard. And thanks for being excited and interested in getting something I doodled. It gets me drawing more than I ever would otherwise. :)
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2015-03-06 12:38 am


I know I've been fannishly quiet for awhile, but if anyone is still around, I am once again traveling and writing postcards. If you would like one, I have screened comments on this post. Leave me your address and I'll send you a postcard. You can optionally leave fandoms or animals as prompts, but I can't promise either of those things.

The way this trip is going so far (aka me being sick the whole time), I'm probably gonna draw you a dog and call it a win. But it'll be a nice dog. I think.

ETA: I am not sick anymore (mostly)! Thank you for your well wishes. :)
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2014-10-24 07:54 pm

Dear Author

ETA: since offline life has gone a little crazy and since I requested the same fandoms, this 2014 letter has become my 2015 letter!


Dear Yuletide Author,

Before I say anything else (and I’m going to say a lot, it’s just my way), thank you for writing for me. Every fandom I requested this year is a fandom in which any story, of any shape or size will make me happy. So write the story that grabs you.

I am a sucker for world-building, plot, and fully-formed characters, even in small doses. Now, you could write from just that, but if you would like more info, what follows is an extended digression on likes, dislikes, and the wee, tiny fandoms I've requested.

More on that... the infamous optional details )

More optional details: The Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells, The Element of Fire by Martha Wells, Scrapped Princess, Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Gotham )

That’s all for my requests. I hope you found something in there that helps you. If not, go where your heart takes you. You are writing a story in a wee, tiny fandom of my heart. I already love it. Thank you!

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2014-02-04 05:24 pm

I drew some things

[Tumblr link] A continuation of the Always-a-different-gender AU where Sid is a female biathlon gold medalist, and Taylor is going to kill Geno. Goalies can do that. As requested by several people.

[Tumblr link] justalrkr asked for Natasha pwning the Hulk.

[Tumblr link] Methos and cats, as requested by thisnewdevilry, who I was thought was a random stranger until her wife, aka my first fannish friend, reblogged this picture snickering about us being totally predictable people and I went OHHHHH.
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2014-01-30 06:24 pm

Prompts again, kind of

I gave asking for prompts on tumblr a try earlier today, but for reasons enumerated there, I am not really... arty at the moment.

I don't know if anyone wonders why I don't fill all prompts/ask for more soon after not filling all from the last request. Here's some general rambling:

- a lot of the prompts end up being stuff I can't quite paint a picture for. That's not quality or appropriateness of the prompt, just me not being able to come up with an idea for it

- some of them are things I could have told you ahead of time that I wasn't going to draw (so feel free to leave several). But unless you consistently ask for only dominant slash pairings with NO lady options, ever, then I am not silently judging you. :P (and even if I am, keep liking what you like, ok?)

- even the prompts that I can paint a picture for, there's kind of a "shelf life" for when I have the most energy from that idea, just after it's first caught hold and it kind of depends on luck how many prompts I get before that runs out

- it's a positive fun thing to get prompts. I really like reading them, and I draw best when I read a lot of them. Options, options, options! Unfortunately when there isn't fandom overlap between requesters, the fact that your teen wolf prompt helped this hockey picture get drawn is probably not that great for you

- feeling guilty about unfilled prompts would mean I never got any art done or asked for any prompts ever, so I basically made the unilateral decision that is okay not to fill prompts (and I'm pretty certain most of you agree with me on that, but I had to make a personal internal ruling, because I am very pleasing people/other's happiness oriented, so I want to make something for you when you take the time to prompt me)

So thank you for leaving prompts. I know you don't have to, and I really enjoy it. :) Even though I say I don't feel bad about unfilled prompts, I do try not to ask for them unless I have a good chance of finishing 2 or 3. Which is not today. But please give me lots anyway.
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2014-01-28 12:39 pm

Art: teen wolf, Lydia, Allison

For [personal profile] amezri, Lydia and Allison. I don't know why, but I always want to draw characters falling. In all fandoms. It's just fun. And Lydia could make it happen. In a Mary Poppins kind of way.

(On tumblr.)

After I drew this, I thought to myself, "They'll be okay. It's a surprise Raksura AU." Which is a pretty small fandom overlap there, but I cracked myself up anyway. XD And also a sign that have been drawing a lot of Raksura fan art (reverse bangs! To be revealed soon!). :P
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2014-01-26 06:32 pm

art: Pacific Rim, Mako, Stacker, and Tea

For [ profile] everbright, who asked for Mako, Stacker, and tea.

This is on tumblr here. Because I am trying to be a trendy fannish kid.

Oh, I just read this tumblr AU story for an anime -- you know the kind where the characters exist in the same morass of pop culture as the fans writing the fic. It was cute, but hahaha, I understood one in twenty references for all the internet pop culture the characters were into. I'm an old fan now. XD
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2014-01-20 07:20 pm

Yuletide reveals! Super late! Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (plus some gifts)

I wrote:
The Mountain of the Rightful Emperor by [ profile] pentapus
Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Sanada Ryo/Xiu Rei Fuan a.k.a. Kento, Ensemble cameos
"Welcome to the Middle Kingdom," Kento said, switching to Japanese.

"Uh, yeah -- it’s nice," Ryo said.
So I was the worst anon ever this year. Even forgetting the egregious use of geology, my backpacking trip to China, and a Ryo headcanon I mentioned in my yuletide letter (Ryo dancing! Come on, who doesn’t want that?!), I literally told Spoke two years ago that I wanted to write her a story where Kento and Ryo worked at Kento’s Uncle’s guest house. lots more rambling )

I received:

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Rites by [ profile] penitence_road
Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Mia, Kayura, Ensemble
If purity were in the work of purification, they'd be all set. But that's not really how these things work. Or, The Netherworld's Trust-Building Exercises Are Pretty Hardcore. Features everyone, but stars Mia and Kayura.
Longfic! With Mia and Kayura! And Kayura trying to be a proper traditional girl while also ruling a demon underworld. I loved Mia and Kayura feeling each other out. The background that penitence_road gave Mia (French Catholic) made her even more of an outside observer, an interested academic observing Shinto practice in the netherworld, and I really liked that take on it.
Sleeping Arrangements by [ profile] alessandriana
Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Mia, the Ronins
In the aftermath of the first battle against Talpa, they go home.
(Blatant fluff.)
Nrrrgh, so good. Exactly my kind of fluff -- cuddling with an air of hurt/comfort and lingering peril. Like, Ryo literally does not wake up for the entire story. He is so wiped out from all that Killing-Talpa business that he has to be carried from room to room by Kento as the story progresses. I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT WORKS FOR ME, BUT OH GOD, DOES IT WORK. Also, the Mia POV was great here as she tries to keep track of everyone while being wiped out herself. There’s a bit where she has to stop and stress by herself for a moment, but instead, she falls asleep leaning on the laundry machine – I have done that! I have totally done that! I mean, it was more college finals than demon attack, but it still happened.
Torii by Shusu ([ profile] Sameshima_Shuzumi)
Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Kayura, Ronins
We're the unsung handymen of the netherworld. Only because Lady Kayura banned karaoke.
This was hysterical, and what really made it for me was the solid world-building underneath. There are some great descriptions of magic and the netherworld in here. And then everybody’s characters are fantastic. It gives it that real feel that just makes humor for me. And Kayura’s POV!

Books of the Raksura – Martha Wells
Too Wise (to wait till those wolves make nice) by [ profile] mpatientdreamr
Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells , Moon, Ember, Song, Chime, Jade, Malachite
Indigo Cloud Court has a couple of visitors.
Malachite! Moon! And some perfect Raksuran characterisations. Loved Ember especially – Moon thinks of him as basically the same as the royal clutch, Ember only listens to Moon when he wants to! Also, the author said she had been worried about making Moon cranky enough, which, yes, haha, perfect sum up of the Moon writing process -- always make him crankier.
Lonesome Son by [ profile] mpatientdreamr
Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells , Moon, Ember, Pearl
Pearl and Moon talk about Ember.
And then she wrote me another thing about Ember!
Alien Song by [ profile] mpatientdreamr
Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells , Frost, Thorn, Bitter
Frost, Thorn, and Bitter during Flower’s funeral.
This was a neat look at the Royal Clutch and their position as outsiders to Indigo Cloud.

Lilo & Stitch (2002):
Leaving the Nest by [ profile] trollprincess
Lilo & Stitch (2002), Lilo, Nani
Lilo takes one last surf before she leaves.
This was great. Introduces a very real source of worry while also letting good things happen – and all told nicely through dialogue and character interaction. A great glimpse of Lilo and Nani’s future with David and Lilo’s unusual babysitters. AND LILO CRIES AT E.T. FOR TOO LONG, OH MY HEART.
Jhua Tehrqua by [ profile] failsafe
Lilo & Stitch (2002), Lilo, Stitch
Stitch struggles with listlessness and fears of being replaced one night when Lilo's all grown up.
This is a sad one, guys. A very depressing future in which Lilo and Stitch go to space, but Stitch is still not considered a free citizen. An interesting read since it wasn’t a vision I would have had of the Galactic Federation. She’s got some great descriptions of Stitch’s body language in here, really brings home the ouch.

The Death of the Necromancer - Martha Wells
A Lady’s Education by [ profile] misura
The Death of the Necromancer - Martha Wells, Madeline
They all have things to teach her.
Really nice, quick glimpse of Madeline’s interactions with the main cast.
The Hanged Man’s Prodigal Son by [ profile] misura
The Death of the Necromancer - Martha Wells, Arisilde
Arisilde on the brink.
Arisilde, oh my heart. ;_;
and she is the woman by [ profile] misura
The Death of the Necromancer - Martha Wells, Madeline
Two choice pieces of gossip arrived from Vienne that week, in short succession of one another.
I fucking love gossip in fic, guys. A quick spin on the existence of a Sherlock/Watson-like duo in the books canon. Madeline gets to be a novel heroine! And the way each character reacts differently is great. Madeline’s reaction being my favorite. :D
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2014-01-16 09:24 am

Treehouse? Challenges?

I have my yuletide reveal plus gifts post about half-coded. I am going to squee about all of my gifts even if it takes until October. Also, I keep getting home from work and planning to draw but sleeping instead. But it feels so good.

ON THAT ENERGETIC NOTE. Are there people interested in more Treehouse? (See tag). Which fandoms? Is there someplace else I should ask about this? Are there changes you'd like to see to the format? Or possibly, please just go back to drawing cute stuff without stories, please?

And are there any neat challenges I should know about? Pimp me into your fandom, please.
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2014-01-12 10:51 am

Another to do list

Ok self, here is all the stuff you are in the hole for right now

[ profile] twreversebang
You have to post.
Mods are a little MIA and have not given posting dates. Posting was supposed to start two weeks ago.

Tw Rare Pair Exchange
Due Feb. 7th, art or fiction
Submitted by email to the mods for review
Once approved, post to the collection on AO3
You will need to type in recipients name manually.

Treehouse Reversebang
Finish those Raksura pictures.

That cat submarine for bro
Some Kento and dragon
More prompt fills?
Post your yuletide fic link + gifts
Post KakaIru to DW and AO3
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2014-01-08 05:02 pm

Teen Wolf, also Methos.

Some stuff I drew.

I ship it so hard. And I want plotty future fic hijinks with trauma-bonding feels and science. I don't really buy Lydia going for it in high school (aside from trauma-bonding feels), she's too much focused on winning, her guy being part of that winning. She doesn't want to fight her social battles alone, protecting someone (well, not yet). But the thing is, when you leave high school -- guys like Stiles become a lot cooler. He's gonna be a grad school rockstar, and Lydia, I think Lydia is a graduate school kind of girl.

Oh, and also, important question -- if Methos came to Beacon Hills, would Lydia scream to foretell his arrival?

(On tumblr here and here.)
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2014-01-05 03:18 pm

Art: Naruto

Here's some Naruto art...

There's no good reason for this. Ok, no, the reason is that I love pictures with Kakashi and his ninken, but I am bad enough at one dog; I am not fucking drawing eight, jfc.

And this one is for [personal profile] torch. Apparently there are lots of Hashirama and Madara feels in canon these days. Since I'm woefully behind on that, she should probably write fic about it.

I'm trying to be all tumblr savvy now, so please don't post these to tumblr before I do. (The first one is already on tumblr here.)
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2014-01-05 11:54 am

Steve Rogers and strong women

For [ profile] tielan who asked for Steve and Maria.

I feel like all of Shield has such as soft spot for their defrosted Capsicle, and they're all trying to shepherd him into the modern era... Steve's gotten used to it, you know? People are always willing to help him. :P

(after spending a little time on tumblr, I have suddenly decided to sign all my fan art. XD I am pentapoda there, and I will post these images there sometime this week, so if you want to post any of my art to tumblr... please wait.)

ETA: added this to tumblr.
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2014-01-05 01:14 am

Prompt me?

So, apparently, my yearly routine is now: give up drawing (and social life) from October to December to write longfic for KakaIru Fest and Yuletide. I finally plugged my wacom back in yesterday, and I've been draaaaaaawing all the thiiings. (And browsing tumblr and re-discovering artistic despair, but that's just a fact of life.)

ANYWAY, prompts please? Fandoms I am already in or be prepared to pimp me into yours. :D
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2013-12-27 03:14 pm

Yuletide guessing game

I got about TEN stories for yuletide this year, and when the family Christmas machine finally spits me out, I will tell you ALL ABOUT THEM. I only just this morning managed to finish commenting on them all. (Self, I thought -- why don't you just cut and paste into a separate window everytime you hit a good bit? Easy commenting! Turns out, this is how you reach the AO3's word limit on comments. Liiiittle embarrassed about that.) So many ladies and Ronins and Raksura and Ile-Rien and Lilo! <3

I wrote a story for Yuletide 2013 and for KakaIru Fest Winter Round. The latter hasn't finished posting yet, so I can't tell you if mine's been posted. Also, I'm pretty certain I was basically the worst at anonymity in both exchanges, but if you can guess which fic was mine in either exchange, I will make you a fanwork in a fandom I know (after reveals, of course). It, er, might take a while if that fanwork is fic (I'm still working on a Malachite story from last year. :P)

Wow, I sold that like nobody's business didn't I.