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So, here is some really sappy Charles/Erik. In my defense, I feel it is still less over the top than the movie, though maybe with more touching (at least in the absence of life-altering injuries).

5/6 line art pieces finished! Previous previews of line art: (note that these are unfinished; they will be revised a bit and colored) temeraire + laurence, arthur/eames, amy/rory, and kurt/blaine, in which Blaine's hair is an dragon, true facts.
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Raven and Charles, T-minus 2 days to doctoral defense. [personal profile] ileliberte wanted blue!Raven and Charles as cuddling siblings. I'm a sucker for characters having relationships outside of their OTP, so that was a foregone conclusion, especially if it plays to my artistic strengths: cute and kinda dumb.

I have a bunch of prompts from the last few posts, but you're welcome to keep leaving more as I am really impulsive. :)
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Three more things:
1. Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, again

A companion to the one with the elephant. In my defense, the logic behind this picture is a lot more obvious.

Also, totally unrelated, Dominic Cobbs crew definitely needs to try to incept Charles Xavier. Or they need to pull jobs on other people and spend months trying to figure out which of them this Xavier projection belongs to. I'm just saying.

2. Also, please vote for my Threadless shirt? :)
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3. (Unless you want me to keep drawing Charles and Erik and large mammals), would you give me some other prompts that I might draw without added exotic creatures, please? :D
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Three things:
1. Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr

Um, I was wondering if Charles could affect animals, since in a pseudo-scientific universe, rather than a magicky one, whatever signal he's giving off should hit other brains as well, but somehow this lead to Charles hugging an elephant. There was going to be Erik trying to metal bend an Indian Rhino, so you're lucky you got this one instead.

Charles and Erik kind of remind me of Duncan and Methos, in that they initially mistake each other for kindred spirits, but the longer they know each other, the more fundamental their differences become. Despite this, the chemistry between their characters is so strong as to be gravitational. You don't even need physical attraction in the mix to explain it. And lo, roughly ninety bajillion fics are written.

Hilariously, to me, Charles is definitely Methos in this scenario. Neither of them are really that similar to either Duncan or Methos, but when it comes to their relationship dynamic, it's Charles who is endlessly interested in things and people and who's less likely to call any crime totally unforgivable.

2. Also, please vote for my Threadless shirt? :)
Independence Day - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

3. Prompts, guys? :D


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