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[Tumblr link] A continuation of the Always-a-different-gender AU where Sid is a female biathlon gold medalist, and Taylor is going to kill Geno. Goalies can do that. As requested by several people.

[Tumblr link] justalrkr asked for Natasha pwning the Hulk.

[Tumblr link] Methos and cats, as requested by thisnewdevilry, who I was thought was a random stranger until her wife, aka my first fannish friend, reblogged this picture snickering about us being totally predictable people and I went OHHHHH.
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(I am sorry it took me forever to post this here. RL got a little... uh... for a bit there. But here it is!)

More Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang! Do you like hockey players being more adorable than they have a right to be? Are you unreasonably in love with Sidney Crosby's hang ups about his home? (Yes!!) Would you like there to be meaty conversations that matter while all of this is going on?! Then I am delighted to share [ profile] chibirhm's reversebang story!:D
Home Made by [ profile] chibiRHM, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Sid parks in Geno’s driveway at precisely 8:00 on in the morning with a backseat full of paint.

Prompted from this picture:

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Another Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang story! The prompt I gave was about all the behind-the-scenes film players take these days, and [ profile] thehoyden delivered brilliantly. I loved the ensemble feel and her choices of what, exactly Sidney says in his sleep. Especially love getting a bit of Flower and Duper, troublemakers.
The Secrets that You Keep by [ profile] thehoyden, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins ensemble
He knew, vaguely, that Sidney talked in his sleep.

Prompted from this picture:

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The first Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang story! It is a lovely synergy where the tone of the story matches the tone of the art perfectly, which makes me happy because I definitely had a moment of "SORRY, HERE'S A MOOSE." My favorite part of this is Geno because he is sly like a fox. ♥
Penguins, Bears, and Moose Oh My by [ profile] james, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Original Moose Character
Without the moose, it would have been perfect.

Prompted from this picture:

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My brain while drawing Hockey:


So it's going... well. Uh. I have been doing nothing but photoshop for four days, and I have produced 2 pictures. And one of those was me giving up and drawing ninjas.
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Treehouse ReverseBang: HOCKEY RPF – Sid/Geno

My favorite things: MAKING PROMPTS and DRAWING STUFF. Here is my proposal:

The Basic Idea
I’ll draw a Hockey RPF picture just for you with some unanswered questions or, you know, some feels, and you’ll write a yuletide-length-ish story to the picture. No one else will see the picture until your story is finished and posted.

Here are some of the previous prompts I’ve drawn: Finished Treehouse Reversebang

A note on deadlines
My promise is that I will have all pictures done by 4th of July. Please choose a reasonable deadline for yourself. I learned from the last two Treehouse Reversebangs that people prioritize projects with deadlines (jeez, guys, way to torture me with anticipation). So – deadlines! If you miss it, I will post the picture publicly and see if anyone else wants to write something for it. And I’ll glare at you.

I will hand over the pictures as I finish them. When you are finished with the story, we post it with embedded art to AO3 and wait for fame and glory.

If you’re interested, please comment to this post with 1) email 2) your deadline (a date or a period of time) 3) a little ramble about you and Hockey RPF – are you in this for Sid, Geno, Sid/Geno, the hockey, etc. 4) Some general likes/dislikes and favorite genres, e.g. AUs, tropes, fictional news coverage, peril, genderswap, Hockey fights, etc. ♥

I think I can draw about 5 pictures. If more people than that would like a prompt, I am going to choose 5 based on a highly subjective mix of: 1) I can totally draw that picture; 2) omg, I’m a huge fan of your fic and deeply biased, sorry, guys, I’m weak; 3) you signed up last time and totally delivered; and 4) I’ve never done a Treehouse with you before, now’s a good time.

(P.S. I am planning to do at least two more of these this summer – one for the Books of the Raksura, and one or more for miscellany including Avengers, Methos crossovers, and Naruto)

ETA: Ok, I have six people, so this Treehouse Reversebang is full. I'll start drawing. :P
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Some questions
1. Is anyone interested in another Treehouse Reversebang round? What if the fandoms were reduced to Avengers, Hockey RPF, and Books of the Raksura? (Ok, and maybe Naruto. And Methos... crossovers.)

2. Is there some kind of idiots guide to Tumblr fandom? Because I do not understand this strange medium. And how much of fandom is over there? i.e. how hard should I be trying to understand this thing?

Oh yeah, and is there some equivalent of the lj user icon? I like to draw chibi icons, but is there some kind of equivalent in-demand graphic for Tumblr?

3. Is there an idiot's guide to Hockey RPF fandom? I don't mean the pairings I mean... where the fandom is. I am discovering that I am really out of practice at being in a current fandom. *facepalm*

Thank you, flist, for taking the time to answer all the queries I come up with. I feel extremely lucky to be able to just ask when I can't figure it out myself. :)
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Finished! Here are the completed icons.


1-2. Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, requested by [ profile] ithildyn and [ profile] mizz_destiny and [personal profile] astridv
3-4. Books of the Raksura, requested by [personal profile] monanotlisa, [personal profile] everbright, [ profile] snarkydame, and sort of [ profile] ileliberte and (even more sort of) [ profile] spoke
5-9. Deaths: Death of the Endless (Sandman), Methos (Highlander), and Death (Discworld) requested brilliantly by [ profile] lillian13
10-17. Hockey RPF, Sid and Geno, requested by [personal profile] james and [ profile] thehoyden
18. Community, Leslie Knope eating a waffle, requested by [personal profile] runpunkrun
19. Person of Interest, Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese (maybe those are their names?), requested by [ profile] astolat

Avengers, Raksura, Sandman/Highlander/Discworld, Hockey RPF, Community, Person of Interest )

And here's the large versions...

This was a totally brilliant suggestion by [personal profile] lillian13. And I love the big picture. Making icons from this that were recognizable as, like, people with faces, was awful. Looking at you, Methos. Thanks for nothing.

The rest of them... )
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Chibi icons to do list:
Redheads: Pepper, Natasha, Alanna (pics 1, pics 2) DONE
Person of Interest: Reese/Finch (primer) DONE
Raksura: Jade, Moon, or Chime DONE
The three deaths - Sandman, Methos, DEATH DONE
H50 - McGarrett, emperor or benevolent dictator
Hockey RPF - Sid & Geno (primer) DONE ...uh...DONE again!
Parks & Rec - Knope waffle DONE
Community - Abed batman & Troy spiderman
John Sheppard (and possibly tentacles?)


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