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yuletide question

Hey, does anyone know how yuletide feels about fandoms that were once big but have been defunct (fic-wise) for years? I feel like I had this hallucination several years ago where yuletide was going to include old, dead fandoms.

Fandoms are now closed and decided, so this is more of a retrospective question looking at the rejected fandoms.
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Yes, dead fandoms can be nominated. I think in years past it was something like TV shows that had been off the air at least ten years. I don't know how that would apply to other media, but it's definitely a possibility.

The thing to do if you were to nominate something would be to look around and see how much fic you can find in archives and about how often new fics are being posted, if at all, and use that to make your case if it's challenged.
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Oh, that sucks. :(

Yeah, I guess next year I would say try to be proactive about it and if they put out a call to challenge stuff that's been dropped, email them even if your fandom is still on the list, saying it was dropped at the very end before and you don't want to risk that happening again.
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yeah, traditionally the idea was that if a fandom was over ten years old and/or if the archives were all lost, etc., it could be considered for nomination. thus my ongoing hope that Babylon 5 gets in again sometime! because most of the B5 archives are sadly gone. :(