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pentapus ([personal profile] pentapus) wrote2013-12-27 03:14 pm

Yuletide guessing game

I got about TEN stories for yuletide this year, and when the family Christmas machine finally spits me out, I will tell you ALL ABOUT THEM. I only just this morning managed to finish commenting on them all. (Self, I thought -- why don't you just cut and paste into a separate window everytime you hit a good bit? Easy commenting! Turns out, this is how you reach the AO3's word limit on comments. Liiiittle embarrassed about that.) So many ladies and Ronins and Raksura and Ile-Rien and Lilo! <3

I wrote a story for Yuletide 2013 and for KakaIru Fest Winter Round. The latter hasn't finished posting yet, so I can't tell you if mine's been posted. Also, I'm pretty certain I was basically the worst at anonymity in both exchanges, but if you can guess which fic was mine in either exchange, I will make you a fanwork in a fandom I know (after reveals, of course). It, er, might take a while if that fanwork is fic (I'm still working on a Malachite story from last year. :P)

Wow, I sold that like nobody's business didn't I.