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Teen Wolf, also Methos.

Some stuff I drew.

I ship it so hard. And I want plotty future fic hijinks with trauma-bonding feels and science. I don't really buy Lydia going for it in high school (aside from trauma-bonding feels), she's too much focused on winning, her guy being part of that winning. She doesn't want to fight her social battles alone, protecting someone (well, not yet). But the thing is, when you leave high school -- guys like Stiles become a lot cooler. He's gonna be a grad school rockstar, and Lydia, I think Lydia is a graduate school kind of girl.

Oh, and also, important question -- if Methos came to Beacon Hills, would Lydia scream to foretell his arrival?

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These are so cute. I really love the coloring/shading on Lydia's hair in both; that had to be such a bitch and it turned out gorgeous.
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I don't really do teen wolf, but I agree that both of this are gr8. I esp. like how much emotion you packed into Methos' face. It's all OH GOD, and must be going now, and frustration.
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Lydia and Stiles is my BrOTP! I could definitely be convinced to ship them romantically, but you're completely right: Not Yet. I love Lydia's hair and outfit!
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Love your Teen Wolf drawing there!

I'm not a huge canon shipper, because the showrunners are writing this show so much from Stiles's perspective already and tend to shortchange Lydia, that she choosing Stiles may turn out probably turn out yet another Geek Gets The Girl story…
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What a complex response to my rather simple little comment -- I love it!

And agree too; Lydia is my perspective into Teen Wolf. Tangent, I like the show better than mainstream TW fandom, because I don't like Derek, never have; at least the show, while extremely focused on Stiles and Scott, has rehabilitated Allison and will hopefully do so with Lydia too this season.

It feels different from Stargate Atlantis where they set up a lovely Ronon and Keller story and then the writers were like, OH NO, WE WANT RODNEY TO GET A PRIZE. Me: Die in a fire.

I hear you (though I'm not impartial, what with the McShep love).

Especially if (as the pairing no doubt drags on and on for canon UST purposes) choosing Stiles is given a "morally right choice" flavor vs. muscle-bound dudes.