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Prompts again, kind of

I gave asking for prompts on tumblr a try earlier today, but for reasons enumerated there, I am not really... arty at the moment.

I don't know if anyone wonders why I don't fill all prompts/ask for more soon after not filling all from the last request. Here's some general rambling:

- a lot of the prompts end up being stuff I can't quite paint a picture for. That's not quality or appropriateness of the prompt, just me not being able to come up with an idea for it

- some of them are things I could have told you ahead of time that I wasn't going to draw (so feel free to leave several). But unless you consistently ask for only dominant slash pairings with NO lady options, ever, then I am not silently judging you. :P (and even if I am, keep liking what you like, ok?)

- even the prompts that I can paint a picture for, there's kind of a "shelf life" for when I have the most energy from that idea, just after it's first caught hold and it kind of depends on luck how many prompts I get before that runs out

- it's a positive fun thing to get prompts. I really like reading them, and I draw best when I read a lot of them. Options, options, options! Unfortunately when there isn't fandom overlap between requesters, the fact that your teen wolf prompt helped this hockey picture get drawn is probably not that great for you

- feeling guilty about unfilled prompts would mean I never got any art done or asked for any prompts ever, so I basically made the unilateral decision that is okay not to fill prompts (and I'm pretty certain most of you agree with me on that, but I had to make a personal internal ruling, because I am very pleasing people/other's happiness oriented, so I want to make something for you when you take the time to prompt me)

So thank you for leaving prompts. I know you don't have to, and I really enjoy it. :) Even though I say I don't feel bad about unfilled prompts, I do try not to ask for them unless I have a good chance of finishing 2 or 3. Which is not today. But please give me lots anyway.
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*smooches* Thanks for the Steve/Maria prompt last time! :D

For an idea: How about Mako Mori meets Teyla Emmagan in physical combat? (Do I have a type? Yes. Yes, I do...)
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*hugs* I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time right now.

Some prompts that you can do with, or not, what you want:

Punk!Crosby-and-Toews; i.e., Sid and Johnny as Sid and Johnny, the appeal of this for me is half the wordplay and half the actual visual. IDK if it would even work as they are probably too muscley for punk. I don't really care. Eyeliner! Safety pins! Possibly a plaid skirt!

Do you draw lady hockey players? The US women's team is pretty adorbs/badass and they would look great next to tiny animals, like maybe Julie Chu is covered in puppies, or Amanda Kessel has to deal with how her brother Phil occasionally turns into a groundhog.

. . . I am trying to come up with an actual story behind "Girl!Sid in a dress" but that is all I have. Wait, maybe Girl!Sid and Girl!Geno are dress shopping together for like some event and are both kind of skeptical about the whole thing.
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OH MY GOSH actually explaining this would have helped, I am so sorry.

I was thinking that there is another Sid and Johnny, who are Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, and that it would be amusing to see Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews as punks, because it would be Sid and Johnny on more than one level.

Ummmm random style things I associate with punk: black, tight jeans, leather jackets, things with buckles/studs/spikes, spiky hair/mohawks, unnatural hair color, plaid, eyeliner, wrist cuffs, fishnet, big stompy boots.

Sid in a dress is amaaaaazing always! And I love Girl!Sid the badass biathlete! And Geno and his mittens, SO CUTE.

A different body type AU sounds fascinating.
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S'cool. I'm glad to feed the beast of your inspiration.
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I think most people understand that "leaving prompts" is not anything like a guarantee of getting something in response to the prompt, and I've never really known anyone to be mad about not getting something for their prompt. (At least, over the years when I ask for fic prompts, no one has ever told me they were mad if I didn't write them something.)

Please don't worry about being somehow obligated to draw something! I, for one, understand that asking for prompts is very often just one way of looking to be inspired when nothing is coming from inside one's own brain. It isn't like I'm winning you in a fannish auction or something; I don't feel like I'm obligating you by leaving a prompt (and I'd feel bad if I thought that leaving you a prompt added to your anxiety!)

I kind of look at it like buying a lotto ticket. I leave a prompt, and I might get something or I might not. But leaving me a prompt costs me nothing but a few seconds, so I like leaving prompts for people.

Lastly, this stuff is supposed to be just for fun. If something isn't fun, don't do it. If halfway through a drawing, you suddenly have reasons to never ever work on it again, that's totally okay.
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That approach to not filling everything if prompts just don't work out for one reason or another seems very reasonable. I should adopt the no guilt approach. Nobody ever complained to me if I failed to fill a prompt they left, but that doesn't help. I still feel guilty about some prompts I did not fill in 2006 (I wish there was a statue of limitations or something for internal fretting) and some in 2012, even though for the latter I have the excuse that actually my father's final health decline and death started soon after, so I was mostly preoccupied with the death of my remaining parent and didn't do any art. Which is you'd think any brain would accept as reasonable to abandon some fanart prompts and forget about it, but apparently not.