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I gave asking for prompts on tumblr a try earlier today, but for reasons enumerated there, I am not really... arty at the moment.

I don't know if anyone wonders why I don't fill all prompts/ask for more soon after not filling all from the last request. Here's some general rambling:

- a lot of the prompts end up being stuff I can't quite paint a picture for. That's not quality or appropriateness of the prompt, just me not being able to come up with an idea for it

- some of them are things I could have told you ahead of time that I wasn't going to draw (so feel free to leave several). But unless you consistently ask for only dominant slash pairings with NO lady options, ever, then I am not silently judging you. :P (and even if I am, keep liking what you like, ok?)

- even the prompts that I can paint a picture for, there's kind of a "shelf life" for when I have the most energy from that idea, just after it's first caught hold and it kind of depends on luck how many prompts I get before that runs out

- it's a positive fun thing to get prompts. I really like reading them, and I draw best when I read a lot of them. Options, options, options! Unfortunately when there isn't fandom overlap between requesters, the fact that your teen wolf prompt helped this hockey picture get drawn is probably not that great for you

- feeling guilty about unfilled prompts would mean I never got any art done or asked for any prompts ever, so I basically made the unilateral decision that is okay not to fill prompts (and I'm pretty certain most of you agree with me on that, but I had to make a personal internal ruling, because I am very pleasing people/other's happiness oriented, so I want to make something for you when you take the time to prompt me)

So thank you for leaving prompts. I know you don't have to, and I really enjoy it. :) Even though I say I don't feel bad about unfilled prompts, I do try not to ask for them unless I have a good chance of finishing 2 or 3. Which is not today. But please give me lots anyway.

Prompt me?

Jan. 5th, 2014 01:14 am
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So, apparently, my yearly routine is now: give up drawing (and social life) from October to December to write longfic for KakaIru Fest and Yuletide. I finally plugged my wacom back in yesterday, and I've been draaaaaaawing all the thiiings. (And browsing tumblr and re-discovering artistic despair, but that's just a fact of life.)

ANYWAY, prompts please? Fandoms I am already in or be prepared to pimp me into yours. :D
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Been awhile, but here goes nothing. Chibi icons look like this:

If you would like a chibi icon, please leave a prompt! The finished icons will be free to share.

1. Please don't make a request unless you plan to use the icon.

2. I am more likely to pick prompts that include: [1] an intriguing advert for the character, [2] a pretty reference photo, or [3] a link to a relevant primer/picspam (love these, though sometimes they get me into trouble: see rule #3).

3. Any fandom welcome, but my current top four are Martha Wells, Avengers, Naruto, and ... uh... *facepalm* hockey RPF for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I don't even know, guys. I guess this is what happens when I stalk [ profile] thehoyden's journal for ninjas and instead find Sentinel AUs about hockey players. Also there was a primer. This is why you write primers, guys, so your fandom spreads like a disease. But anyway, other fandoms are also good.
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This is just a follow up post for the, uh, 'You and Me Reversebang' that I was mumbling about last night. Since people were interested (AWESOME. I LOVE MAKING PROMPTS, GUYS. Other things I love: DRAWING STUFF AND FIC), I wanted to be clear about what I am proposing. :)

What I will do
I will make you a piece of digital art of about this quality and size for a fandom and characters we both like. It will be new and made just for you and have some prompty goodness in it (like a tree house!). I will not post it publicly until you are ready to post a story for it.

What you would do
Write a yuletide-length-ish story prompted by the picture. It is your story, write it like you own it! I'm not imposing any constraints on it except those that were in your prompt.

No deadlines, but I am going to give myself until the end of May to get you guys your pictures.

I will hand over the pictures as I finish them (via PM or email), and you guys should feel free to post your story whenever it's done. Just send me an email (pentapoda at gmail) or IM me on ljtalk (which you can access via meebo messenger - I'm on in the evenings), and we can coordinate art and story posts. I'll make a master post whenever it all comes together.

There aren't any consequences either, but please let me know if something comes up and you can't do it so I can post the picture. :)

People who foolishly expressed interest
[ profile] miss_porcupine
[ profile] lar_laughs
[ profile] thetruebard
[ profile] marbleglove
[ profile] rhi
[ profile] torch
[ profile] nny

People to ping for 'round 2': [ profile] eliyes, [ profile] nellacitta, [ profile] jenwryn, [ profile] spoke

Sound good? Are you guys still interested now that it has moved from "vague hypothetical" to "I made a whole (but still vague) post for it"? :)

Seven seems like a good number to me for now, but if there is anyone else interested please let me know. Which fandoms/characters would you be wanting?
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I have discovered that what a grown up job means is: I get home, I stare at the wall or the TV for a few hours while my brain recharges, and then I go to bed. It turns out this is the perfect amount of time + total lack of motivation needed to draw a lot of pictures on my tablet. I have made, like, a tablet nest on my couch, surrounded by stacks of the photo reference books I bought in the Barnes and Noble discount section (Treehouses of the world! Castles! The Ultimate Guide to Reptiles!).

1. I finished all the ones you guys rec'd earlier (thanks!), so forgive me for being this out of the loop a second time -- Do you know of any art-friendly challenges going on in your fandom? e.g., Psych, Naruto, Burn Notice, SGA, Doctor Who, H5O, XMFC, ST:Reboot, Leverage, Highlander, SPN, Temeraire, Vorkosigan Saga (she says with foolish optimism), and some others.

2. Also, would anyone be interested in a reversebang-ish thing with me? You give me a fandom, characters, + a few favorite things, and I make you a picture prompt (like so or like so) that you could write for, say, yuletide-length? ish? (You know, longer than a comment fic but shorter than a [ profile] miss_porcupine comment fic.) I'm just gauging if it's a crazy idea.
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If I were going to draw a Star Trek Reboot character in a fancy dress, who would it be? So far on the table are Kirk's mom*, Gaila, and girl!Spock, purely for aesthetic reasons related to straight black hair and elf ears.

*I am on the Kirk's-mom-was-not-a-terrible-mom-though-I'm-okay-with-flawed-and-complicated-but-loving-like-Henry-Spencer train. Also the Kirk's-mom-is-totally-alive train, and the that-angry-guy-shouting-in-the-car-was-Winona's-brother-before-they-cut-that-extra-scene-so-I-call-that-personal-canon train (thank you, DVD extras).


Jan. 3rd, 2012 02:52 pm
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Prompt me, please?

Comment with one or more characters and something more - a line of dialogue, a description, a reference image, etc. My favorite things are costumes, creatures, and women.

Multiple prompts are ok. I don't mind slash prompts, but try to give me some alternatives to go with it. :)


Jun. 6th, 2011 11:27 am
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I am starting to draw another set of pairing pics to print (as above), and I am looking for some suggestions. Fandom + pairing, and maybe a little bit about them in case I don't know?

Some possibilities that have come up: Temeraire (Laurence + Temeraire, Laurence/Granby) Due South (RayK/Fraser), Inception (Arthur/Eames), Star Trek (Kirk/Spock), SPN (John+Bobby, Sam/Dean), Sherlock BBC (Sherlock/John), Thor (Thor/Loki), another H50? another DW?

(Not required, but it would be brilliant if you could also tell me the comm/noticeboard where I would post the link to such a picture.)
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Today, I grated my knuckle in a microplane. I got it into a band-aid so fast I don't think I even saw the damage.

Anyway, two things --

1. Short term: could you give me a prompt of character(s) and a line of dialogue? Any fandom, bonus for fewer slash OTPs and tropes, more character quirks, bff, girls, gen -- even het! etc.

2. Longer term: could anyone prompt me with some Star Trek (2009) prompts? Bonus for less Kirk, more Uhura, Winona, Sulu, Chekov, McCoy, etc...
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Working on chibis for the Escapadecon art show. Finished Leverage, SGA, and Doctor Who. Working on Highlander, and haha -- I couldn't manage to make a picture of Methos and Duncan and a box of kittens work at all, so now there's a picture of Death!Methos carting off Kilt!Duncan as a prize of war. For some reason, this worked much better.

Ok, next up --
HL Methos + Duncan (modern day)
SPN Dean/Castiel
SPN John + Bobby
H5O Danny/Steve

If you have any prompts for these pairings/characters, please share! ♥
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1. So, [personal profile] commodoremarie suggested I put some art in the Escapadecon art show, and that seemed like a good idea. The only thing I need to decide is which fandoms and characters. Have gotten some input from experienced con-goers, but your suggestions are welcome as well. (Also, how many does one send? 1? 2? 5? I am unsure.)

2. Anybody know anything about matting pictures? What is standard at art shows for little (think 4x6 or 3x5) pictures at art shows? And how to do it?

3. How do you get those links at the bottom of your post that say, "Originally posted at dreamwidth : http:/blablablabla..."?
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...before I'm out of here for the summer:

Does anyone have a request for a chibi icon?


Elizabeth I, requested by [ profile] innocentsmith, free to share for anyone who wants. The usual, comment and credit, please.
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from [ profile] villainny's prompt of teyla on the weekend and comfortable clothes. After several failed attempts at comfy athosian clothes, instead we have silly.

Your job -- to figure out what whacky Satedan sport gave rise to the tights.
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Hello, hello, could I bother you for a... prompt?

(Fair warning, am not first come, first serve, but am only going to get to one today, probs)
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Took prompts for pictures drawn in 20 minutes last Thursday.

Let's try round 2.

Same fandom rules apply, i.e. various, including but not limited to most of the standard big fandoms, old and new -- SPN, Merlin, SGA, highlander, RW/YST, and the yuletide fandoms I recognized.

Prompts this time -- how about 1-3 lines of dialogue, please, or a v. brief layout of a 3 panel comic?


Nov. 19th, 2009 12:38 pm
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There is a prompt, speed drawing thing going on in my lj, which I apparently forgot in every possible way to crossport. Oops.



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