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pentapus ([personal profile] pentapus) wrote2014-02-04 05:24 pm

I drew some things

[Tumblr link] A continuation of the Always-a-different-gender AU where Sid is a female biathlon gold medalist, and Taylor is going to kill Geno. Goalies can do that. As requested by several people.

[Tumblr link] justalrkr asked for Natasha pwning the Hulk.

[Tumblr link] Methos and cats, as requested by thisnewdevilry, who I was thought was a random stranger until her wife, aka my first fannish friend, reblogged this picture snickering about us being totally predictable people and I went OHHHHH.
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[personal profile] tucuxi 2014-02-05 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
Is "adorbs" the wrong response to this post? Because that's kind of how I feel right now. Perhaps particularly about Natasha pwning the Hulk.

Yay, art!
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&cackle* The Methos picture is THE BEST. I love the cat giving methos is used car salesman look with it's teeth out and pointy, and the one *escaping* is a riot. Haha, the only things death can't control are cats. Death has a weakness for cats across all universes.
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SO CUTE. Geno and his little mittens get me every time. and boy Taylor is awesome, I love the double genderswap.