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So, brief update -- I am in China (Jiayuguan, for anyone who has read Black Powder War by Naomi Novik. :D), and the trip has so far been a blast. I have been bad about using DW for crossposting rather than LJ directly the few times I've had an internet connection.

Anyway, comments here are screened (yes, I just checked) so if you would like a postcard from China, please comment here with your address. I cannot guarantee I'll get to everyone and they seem to be taking 3-5 weeks in transit anyway, but I will do my best!

BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS: Please include your country and what name you want me to put at the top of the address. I will only use your info for postcards. You could also include a fandom or a general interest, but that is most likely to be successful if it falls into the category of creatures, costumes, or women. (Or if we share any yuletide fandoms. :P)

On another note, I have successfully signed up for Yuletide and posted my Yuletide Letter! It felt a little different from last year because for the first time I am requesting neither Tortall nor Temeraire, but that's because this year I can request Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. <3 <3
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I would very much like a card. SGA is my fandom of choice. Happy TDay!