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I know I've been fannishly quiet for awhile, but if anyone is still around, I am once again traveling and writing postcards. If you would like one, I have screened comments on this post. Leave me your address and I'll send you a postcard. You can optionally leave fandoms or animals as prompts, but I can't promise either of those things.

The way this trip is going so far (aka me being sick the whole time), I'm probably gonna draw you a dog and call it a win. But it'll be a nice dog. I think.

ETA: I am not sick anymore (mostly)! Thank you for your well wishes. :)
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Which is, I guess, my way of asking if anyone would like a postcard from Hawaii?

I've only got two more days, but I should be able to get to everyone who comments today (insert flashback to Iceland where I finished the last one while listening to last call announcements for my flight and ended up doing a crazy search for a post box before sprinting for a gate. Look, I have a postcard problem; I've come to accept it.)

Also, I've totally given up on any fandom content for postcards. They are all science and weird stories all the way.

If you'd like one, please comment with your address or you can tell me if the last one I had for you (if you got one form Iceland) is still correct. (I just set all comments to screened, so you're good.)
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I really hope modern Icelanders don't hate the viking connection, because I REALLY LOVE THE VIKING CONNECTION, and I don't want to be culturally insentive with my love for longboats and trolls (apparently troll locations are marked on the tourist map? In case you wanted to go see some).


I am going to Iceland for a week. If you would like a postcard that will have either 1) a picture, 2) a nerd fact, or 3) a story about me being an idiot in a foreign country, please comment with your address! (Comments are screened. Just checked the box! You can trust me this time!)

(A note on the picture postcards, even though I photograph all of them, let's face it, I will never remember to post them in this journal. You'll just have to believe all those people who say they're awesome. Well, I think they say that. I've decided they say that. They say that. Because they're awesome.)


Nov. 20th, 2011 11:38 am
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So, brief update -- I am in China (Jiayuguan, for anyone who has read Black Powder War by Naomi Novik. :D), and the trip has so far been a blast. I have been bad about using DW for crossposting rather than LJ directly the few times I've had an internet connection.

Anyway, comments here are screened (yes, I just checked) so if you would like a postcard from China, please comment here with your address. I cannot guarantee I'll get to everyone and they seem to be taking 3-5 weeks in transit anyway, but I will do my best!

BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS: Please include your country and what name you want me to put at the top of the address. I will only use your info for postcards. You could also include a fandom or a general interest, but that is most likely to be successful if it falls into the category of creatures, costumes, or women. (Or if we share any yuletide fandoms. :P)

On another note, I have successfully signed up for Yuletide and posted my Yuletide Letter! It felt a little different from last year because for the first time I am requesting neither Tortall nor Temeraire, but that's because this year I can request Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. <3 <3


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