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Hey guys,

I am traveling again, which means I'm also sending postcards with fan art, little comics about my trip, or science nerd facts.

Here's the ones I drew on my last trip.

If you'd like one, please send an email to pentapoda at gmail with 'postcard' in the subject line. Please include your address and a few fandoms. Bonus points if you let me know you'd also be into doodles of science, creatures, or little autobio comics. :)

Do not leave your address in a comment here (which is how i used to do this). They are not screened.
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If you asked for a postcard on the previous post, would you please comment with some fandoms? I've kind of burned out on drawing animals. As always, no guarantees I will match your prompt. :P

Also, anyone who requests a postcard from now on, I can't promise to get to you, but you are welcome to add your name to the list. My productivity is very unpredictable.

ETA: it doesn't have to be current hot fandoms or a fandom at all. Just some things you like would be cool. I am terrible with wide open requests I am realizing. (FYI, I am generally allergic to major slash pairings... except Dean/Cas for some reason.)

P.S. if you already gave me fandoms, I probably already drew you a postcard. And thanks for being excited and interested in getting something I doodled. It gets me drawing more than I ever would otherwise. :)
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I know I've been fannishly quiet for awhile, but if anyone is still around, I am once again traveling and writing postcards. If you would like one, I have screened comments on this post. Leave me your address and I'll send you a postcard. You can optionally leave fandoms or animals as prompts, but I can't promise either of those things.

The way this trip is going so far (aka me being sick the whole time), I'm probably gonna draw you a dog and call it a win. But it'll be a nice dog. I think.

ETA: I am not sick anymore (mostly)! Thank you for your well wishes. :)
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Which is, I guess, my way of asking if anyone would like a postcard from Hawaii?

I've only got two more days, but I should be able to get to everyone who comments today (insert flashback to Iceland where I finished the last one while listening to last call announcements for my flight and ended up doing a crazy search for a post box before sprinting for a gate. Look, I have a postcard problem; I've come to accept it.)

Also, I've totally given up on any fandom content for postcards. They are all science and weird stories all the way.

If you'd like one, please comment with your address or you can tell me if the last one I had for you (if you got one form Iceland) is still correct. (I just set all comments to screened, so you're good.)
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I am home. I managed to send a postcard to everyone who asked for one (I did not anticipate that when there is SUNLIGHT 24 HOURS A DAY, you do not get the usual few hours of doodle time before bed. So achieving my goal did involve a tiny bit of ignoring boarding calls for my flight, buying stamps in the airport souvenir shop, running past the airport post office box, and then a wee bit of sprinting down the concourse to the gate).

Please let me know when you get yours! I like to hear that they arrived safely. :)
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I really hope modern Icelanders don't hate the viking connection, because I REALLY LOVE THE VIKING CONNECTION, and I don't want to be culturally insentive with my love for longboats and trolls (apparently troll locations are marked on the tourist map? In case you wanted to go see some).


I am going to Iceland for a week. If you would like a postcard that will have either 1) a picture, 2) a nerd fact, or 3) a story about me being an idiot in a foreign country, please comment with your address! (Comments are screened. Just checked the box! You can trust me this time!)

(A note on the picture postcards, even though I photograph all of them, let's face it, I will never remember to post them in this journal. You'll just have to believe all those people who say they're awesome. Well, I think they say that. I've decided they say that. They say that. Because they're awesome.)
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Ok guys, I have sent postcards to everyone who asked for one and I am still in Europe. Is there anyone else who wants a postcard? Please do not comment here but on the posts below which have screened comments.

postcards lj
postcards dw

Based on the postcards sent so far, they have about zero fannish content, but plenty of silly pictures of dinosaurs, sea life, and also a few facts about the sheer number of bicycles ridden by the Dutch (seriously, a lot). Also, yesterday I spent most of the training class learning to draw bears from google image search.
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Home in time for Christmas and for Yuletide (and got exactly what I wanted for both! Which is apparently Ryou Sanada and a Leatherman). ♥ ALSO, I HAVE A CAT AGAIN. SHE DIDN'T MISS ME.


I got
To Fall in Snow, Still Burning by Anonymous
Ronin Warriors | Yoroiden Samurai Troopers -- Sanada Ryou, Hashiba Touma, and others

Ryou has a fever. But the Samurai Troopers don't get sick.

The author described the source material as "deliciously melodramatic," and yes, mix with strong characters and a bit of effective world building and/or plot and you have my favorite flavor. It starts with a familiar h/c scenario that turns out to have hidden, plotty teeth. EERIE hidden, plotty teeth. Basically, it was delicious. RECOMMENDED.

Ok, YULETIDE GUESSING GAME -- I wrote two complete stories this year! I feel like a real yuletider now. Both are in fandoms with multiple stories posted, so I don't mind if you take advantage of that minor glitch in the ao3. I have also been away from computer and Wacom tablet for far too long, so -- if you can guess which stories are mine, I will draw you something!


I did in fact get to everyone! Hope they find their way to the right place. :)

Also, I have a favor to ask. It felt kind of doofy to take photos of all them at the time, so I didn't, and now I am being doofy retroactively by asking: If you got one and are able, would you mind scanning or snapping a photo of it, please?

There's no need to post it (though a-ok if you do), just send me a copy of the file, and let me know if you mind if I post it. Thank you! I am kind of a hoarder, especially of my own doodles. That said -- totally optional. I know I had a great time making lots of silly pictures while sitting on mountains and in noodle restaurants (if there's rice vinegar on your postcard, er, sorry). I care more that you got it and sort of enjoyed it. :)

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Nice Young Man D has informed us that we've spent 200+ USD on stamps over the last six weeks. I've chosen to think of this as an accomplishment.

The kittens at the Guilin hostel really liked my postcard kit (There are many zippers and a variety of supplies).

If you asked for a postcard, it is in the mail! Pangolins were the new camel, but then terracotta horses became the new pangolin. 3 more weeks to go! I am really looking forward to Christmas dinner and the American tradition of large pieces of meat next to potatoes.

If anyone else would like a postcard, COMMENT TO THE PREVIOUS POST (or LJ) (this post you are at now does NOT have screened comments, FYI).

Please include your country and what name you want me to put at the top of the address. I don't keep your info. You could also include a fandom or a general interest, but that is most likely to be successful if it falls into (or is) the category of creatures, costumes, or women. (Also if we share any yuletide fandoms. :P)
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Okay, I spoke too soon. The last time we went to the post office we dropped off 42 postcards (only 3 were to the fannish sort), and we clearly need some kind of 12 step program. There is also academic interest in how many times I can draw a camel before I get tired of camels (impossible) and start drawing dinosaurs labeled "camel".

Having made postcards for the folks who gave me their addresses in the last post, does anyone else want a postcard?

COMMENT TO THE PREVIOUS POST (or LJ) (current post does NOT have screened comments anymore, FYI).

Please include your country and what name you want me to put at the top of the address. (You could also include a fandom, but that might be wishful thinking unless your characters of choice look good with camels.)


Nov. 20th, 2011 11:38 am
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So, brief update -- I am in China (Jiayuguan, for anyone who has read Black Powder War by Naomi Novik. :D), and the trip has so far been a blast. I have been bad about using DW for crossposting rather than LJ directly the few times I've had an internet connection.

Anyway, comments here are screened (yes, I just checked) so if you would like a postcard from China, please comment here with your address. I cannot guarantee I'll get to everyone and they seem to be taking 3-5 weeks in transit anyway, but I will do my best!

BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS: Please include your country and what name you want me to put at the top of the address. I will only use your info for postcards. You could also include a fandom or a general interest, but that is most likely to be successful if it falls into the category of creatures, costumes, or women. (Or if we share any yuletide fandoms. :P)

On another note, I have successfully signed up for Yuletide and posted my Yuletide Letter! It felt a little different from last year because for the first time I am requesting neither Tortall nor Temeraire, but that's because this year I can request Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. <3 <3
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A postcard for [ profile] smittywing, who asked for Ronon and Keller as Lancelot and Guinevere. My position on that is: I drew it, now she should write it. /:D

I'm kind of busy...? )
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[ profile] siegeofangels got her postcard a few days ago, so here's the scan. ([ profile] anyagee, I'm guessing that yours has arrived too since I sent both at the same time. If not, um, spoilers! Sorry!)

[ profile] siegeofangels asked for Casino Royale (ages ago).

Actually, Bond, I think you might be Scottish? )

[ profile] anyagee asked for the Enchanted Forest (also ages ago).

Kazul grins with *all* her teeth. )
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Ok, a while back I offered postcards to the first five people who commented. Yeah, I haven't done any of those.

Those folks were: siegeofangels, anyagee, monanotlisa, smittywing, and verav. The entry is here.

Could you guys 1) give me a thumbs up that your addresses are still the same? 2) leave new prompts if your old ones no longer reflect your heart's desire. (Fandoms same as before.) 3) I dunno, this is the holidays, if you want me to send it to a friend of yours instead as a fannish gift, I can do that too. (will need an address though.) :)

Note: comments are screened on dw! Give me a moment to check the lj crosspost. ETA: lj post is screened, [personal profile] siegeofangels, I promise!


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