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Treehouse Reversebang: HL/Avengers, Methos, Natasha, (+ Clint)

Another treehouse reversebang story is done, and I love it. Methos and Natasha being paranoid and competent as they each try to figure out the other's secrets. I love how their different experiences (both quality and, uh, sheer quantity) inform their reactions - Natasha who spends her life trying to spot the knife headed for her back, compared to Methos, equally paranoid but who knows that there is life after survival. And if you expect to have a life on the other side, it is worth a little effort to cultivate friends, even the unlikely ones. ♥
Whispered on the Winds by [ profile] rhi, art by [ profile] pentapus
Avengers/HL crossover, Gen
Five times Methos met Black Widow and, eventually, Natasha Romanov. Or, as Methos likes to put it, four times he ended up dead or 'dead' around Black Widow.

Prompted from this picture:

Yes, she's blonde. Two reasons - 1) Black Widow is a spy. 2) It was originally drawn to be Amanda and I tossed a few alternatives if Rhi wanted to play with them. I am very glad she did. :)
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I'm just glad you love it! My work here is done, then!

::grinning:: What can I say, I really liked the idea of those two periodically running into each other and trading stories (and advice at times).
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I love the idea, the presentation, and his boots and her *robe*! Makes me happy to look at all the patterns. Thank you!