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I have my yuletide reveal plus gifts post about half-coded. I am going to squee about all of my gifts even if it takes until October. Also, I keep getting home from work and planning to draw but sleeping instead. But it feels so good.

ON THAT ENERGETIC NOTE. Are there people interested in more Treehouse? (See tag). Which fandoms? Is there someplace else I should ask about this? Are there changes you'd like to see to the format? Or possibly, please just go back to drawing cute stuff without stories, please?

And are there any neat challenges I should know about? Pimp me into your fandom, please.
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(I am sorry it took me forever to post this here. RL got a little... uh... for a bit there. But here it is!)

More Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang! Do you like hockey players being more adorable than they have a right to be? Are you unreasonably in love with Sidney Crosby's hang ups about his home? (Yes!!) Would you like there to be meaty conversations that matter while all of this is going on?! Then I am delighted to share [ profile] chibirhm's reversebang story!:D
Home Made by [ profile] chibiRHM, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Sid parks in Geno’s driveway at precisely 8:00 on in the morning with a backseat full of paint.

Prompted from this picture:

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Earlier, I posted some orphaned images (doctor who, inception) from Treehouse Reversebang. This is another orphaned image. It was intended to be a prompt for a story, but I think it looks pretty cool on its own.

(If you would like to write a story for this image, let me know. First I will squee, and then I will take the image down until you can post image + story to AO3. :) Otherwise, like I said, I think it looks pretty cool on its own.)

ETA: [personal profile] tucuxi has offered to write a story for this image, so it's down until she finishes! :)

Oh ideas.

Aug. 25th, 2013 08:43 pm
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I have drawn 9 sketches (for 8 people signed up) for Treehouse Reversebang: Books of the Raksura, and I still have half a dozen ideas that I am going, "AW, WHY DIDN'T I DRAW THAT."

So, it's... uh... fun so far.

me: So I still want to draw 1) Moon's colony-not-destroyed AU, 2) Moon surrounded by other consorts, 3) Jade with some strong emotional expression -- possibly "murder", and 4) Hmm... can't remember. Stone in the sea realms maybe, or just Stone and Moon. Or Moon with a scary queen.
Ileliberte: doing what with a scary queen?
me: Being threatened by one? Mutual threats? Skeptical stares?
Look, I just want Jade to kick the shit out of somebody.
Ileliberte: ok, valid point. XD
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Two things:

I added all complete Treehouse Reversebang stories to a Collection on AO3. There are 10! Wow.

I have 2 orphaned images from previous rounds of Treehouse Reversebang. (And thank you to those authors for letting me know they wouldn't be able to write for these - knowing was much better than not knowing.) These were intended to be prompts for stories, but I think they look pretty cool on their own.

(If you would like to write for one of these, let me know. First I will squee, and then I will take the image down until you can post image + story to AO3. Otherwise, like I said, I think they look pretty cool on their own. :) )

Doctor Who

Inception (Or any fandom with scruffy blonde dudes in plaid, I guess :P)

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ETA: These sign-ups are permanently open. I will let you know how quickly I can make you a prompt depending on RL at the time.

(5 sec guide: Raksura are shape-shifters with interesting politics, reversed gender roles, and sharp claws. I recommend the books.)

The Basic Idea
I will draw you a BOOKS OF THE RAKSURA picture as a prompt for a BOOKS OF THE RAKSURA story. Your story must be about 1K words (or more), and it must be written so that the picture (on some level) makes sense as an illustration for your story.

Here are some of the previous prompts I’ve drawn: Finished Treehouse Reversebang

Deadlines and Finished Stories
I will give you a mostly-finished sketch within a month of your request. Please pick a reasonable deadline for yourself (e.g. 2-3 months post receipt of picture). When your story is finished, the story will be posted with embedded art to AO3 with you and me as coauthors. Then we wait for fame and glory.

Expect that your picture might have ANYTHING in it. You are happy about this! It's a challenge!
Interpret your prompt in ANY WAY that works for you. If I can draw anything, you can write anything.
Keep me updated on how you are doing, even if how you are doing is AWFUL AND QUITTING IN TEARS.

Realize you don't know what to write, feel guilty, and go AWOL so I don't get mad at you. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I WILL GET MAD AT YOU. The instant you email me to LET ME KNOW what your status is, that is the instant I stop being mad. SCOUT'S HONOR.

If you’re interested, please comment to this post with
1) email
2) your deadline (a date or a period of time)
3) a statement that you are ready for anything
4) Preferred characters and likes/dislikes (I will try to respect these as long as they don't get too specific)
5) You may have ONE hard no-go, be specific (e.g. NO NON-RAKSURAN AUs or NO UNHAPPY FACES or NO BABIES) [Note that my pictures will NEVER have explicit sexual content.]
6) Would you want to (a) see 2-3 sketches of possible prompts and choose which one I should finish OR (b) be surprised with a finished prompt?

This fandom is small. I can probably draw as many pictures as people want. If too many sign up, I'll pick a mix of people I know and people I don't.

And some final PLEASE DOs: ask questions, and share this link with anyone you think would like to participate. :)

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Hey, I wanted to gauge the interest in future rounds of treehouse reversebang?

(For anyone unfamiliar, that's where I make you a picture, and you write a story to that picture).

If anyone has suggestions for alterations to the format or for a different sort of exchange/activity/meme they'd like to see, I'd love to hear it. :) E.g. I've felt a few times that I've given a person a picture they find they cannot write to. I've been wondering whether I should 1) show the picture as a really rough sketch/several sketched options before finishing, 2) finish five pictures and let the five participants choose which one they want, and/or 3) make it clear that the picture could be ANYTHING and part of the fun should be getting something whacky and doing whatever the hell you want with it. Like: prepare yourself (or sign up only if that sounds fun?).
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Another Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang story! The prompt I gave was about all the behind-the-scenes film players take these days, and [ profile] thehoyden delivered brilliantly. I loved the ensemble feel and her choices of what, exactly Sidney says in his sleep. Especially love getting a bit of Flower and Duper, troublemakers.
The Secrets that You Keep by [ profile] thehoyden, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins ensemble
He knew, vaguely, that Sidney talked in his sleep.

Prompted from this picture:

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The first Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang story! It is a lovely synergy where the tone of the story matches the tone of the art perfectly, which makes me happy because I definitely had a moment of "SORRY, HERE'S A MOOSE." My favorite part of this is Geno because he is sly like a fox. ♥
Penguins, Bears, and Moose Oh My by [ profile] james, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Original Moose Character
Without the moose, it would have been perfect.

Prompted from this picture:

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Another treehouse reversebang story is done, and I love it. Methos and Natasha being paranoid and competent as they each try to figure out the other's secrets. I love how their different experiences (both quality and, uh, sheer quantity) inform their reactions - Natasha who spends her life trying to spot the knife headed for her back, compared to Methos, equally paranoid but who knows that there is life after survival. And if you expect to have a life on the other side, it is worth a little effort to cultivate friends, even the unlikely ones. ♥
Whispered on the Winds by [ profile] rhi, art by [ profile] pentapus
Avengers/HL crossover, Gen
Five times Methos met Black Widow and, eventually, Natasha Romanov. Or, as Methos likes to put it, four times he ended up dead or 'dead' around Black Widow.

Prompted from this picture:

Yes, she's blonde. Two reasons - 1) Black Widow is a spy. 2) It was originally drawn to be Amanda and I tossed a few alternatives if Rhi wanted to play with them. I am very glad she did. :)
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Treehouse ReverseBang: HOCKEY RPF – Sid/Geno

My favorite things: MAKING PROMPTS and DRAWING STUFF. Here is my proposal:

The Basic Idea
I’ll draw a Hockey RPF picture just for you with some unanswered questions or, you know, some feels, and you’ll write a yuletide-length-ish story to the picture. No one else will see the picture until your story is finished and posted.

Here are some of the previous prompts I’ve drawn: Finished Treehouse Reversebang

A note on deadlines
My promise is that I will have all pictures done by 4th of July. Please choose a reasonable deadline for yourself. I learned from the last two Treehouse Reversebangs that people prioritize projects with deadlines (jeez, guys, way to torture me with anticipation). So – deadlines! If you miss it, I will post the picture publicly and see if anyone else wants to write something for it. And I’ll glare at you.

I will hand over the pictures as I finish them. When you are finished with the story, we post it with embedded art to AO3 and wait for fame and glory.

If you’re interested, please comment to this post with 1) email 2) your deadline (a date or a period of time) 3) a little ramble about you and Hockey RPF – are you in this for Sid, Geno, Sid/Geno, the hockey, etc. 4) Some general likes/dislikes and favorite genres, e.g. AUs, tropes, fictional news coverage, peril, genderswap, Hockey fights, etc. ♥

I think I can draw about 5 pictures. If more people than that would like a prompt, I am going to choose 5 based on a highly subjective mix of: 1) I can totally draw that picture; 2) omg, I’m a huge fan of your fic and deeply biased, sorry, guys, I’m weak; 3) you signed up last time and totally delivered; and 4) I’ve never done a Treehouse with you before, now’s a good time.

(P.S. I am planning to do at least two more of these this summer – one for the Books of the Raksura, and one or more for miscellany including Avengers, Methos crossovers, and Naruto)

ETA: Ok, I have six people, so this Treehouse Reversebang is full. I'll start drawing. :P
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Some questions
1. Is anyone interested in another Treehouse Reversebang round? What if the fandoms were reduced to Avengers, Hockey RPF, and Books of the Raksura? (Ok, and maybe Naruto. And Methos... crossovers.)

2. Is there some kind of idiots guide to Tumblr fandom? Because I do not understand this strange medium. And how much of fandom is over there? i.e. how hard should I be trying to understand this thing?

Oh yeah, and is there some equivalent of the lj user icon? I like to draw chibi icons, but is there some kind of equivalent in-demand graphic for Tumblr?

3. Is there an idiot's guide to Hockey RPF fandom? I don't mean the pairings I mean... where the fandom is. I am discovering that I am really out of practice at being in a current fandom. *facepalm*

Thank you, flist, for taking the time to answer all the queries I come up with. I feel extremely lucky to be able to just ask when I can't figure it out myself. :)
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Here is the second of the new(ish) Reversebang stories! I felt guilty initially because I had given [ profile] tielan a set of characters that were not her first choice, but having read the story, I regret nothing. Fantastic Clint and Natasha, with some great outsider POV of Natasha (also, I like that - for not very long, admittedly - you are worred for Natasha's physical safety which becomes worry for her emotional well being, because, uh, she has the physical well in hand) plus great team dynamic with Maria as the new handler. Basically, it's a story about Natasha's anger and how well Clint (and to a lesser extent, Maria) know Natasha. :D
The Guy, The Spy, His Not-Wife, And Their Handler by [ profile] tielan
It should be a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a date rape drug must be in want of a brain.

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Two more Tree House Reversebang stories are done! Here is the first, an eerie Doctor Who Rose/Ten story with an interfering TARDIS, for those of you who like your space ships with a little sentience. :P I especially liked the great opening that captured the weirdness of traveling on a ship where weird and fantastic are the norm.
For the Cost of a Nightmare by [ profile] lar_laughs
Nothing has gone right lately. Rose knows it. The Doctor knows it. Jack knows it which is the very reason he decided to leave. Rose has no idea how to make things better so when she's given a chance to make things right, she jumps at the chance. Perhaps, this time, she'll figure out what's really important.

(Anybody recognize the landscape? :D)
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Here is a belated post for [ profile] tucuxi's story for "Treehouse" Reversebang. Oh my god, guys, I made so much flailing when she sent me this. World-building! Action! Details! Ninjas! Plot! And just a touch of peril and worry. My favorite is how you get so much information about Kakashi's relationship with Iruka when Iruka isn't even in the room. I cannot believe the story she made out of my picture. SO HAPPY.
Breaking and Entering On AO3 On LJ by [ profile] tucuxi
No warnings, 17k word count, action and world-building with a side of KakaIru
Kakashi notices an intruder in Iruka's apartment, and finds rather more than he bargained for.

If you need some intro to Naruto fandom, I previously recced it here and a bit here. Basically: it's a ninja village in psuedo-modern japan with plenty of world-building by way of mixing the bad ass with the mundane - a.k.a. deadly secret techniques + paperwork and politics. ♥
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And here is a Treehouse Reversebang fic by [personal profile] jonesandashes, another of the coauthor's on well, let the drum beat drop, an avengers ensemble team fic that I fucking loved. As previously mentioned, when I threw myself at them in the comments, they were both more than game, and it has worked out brilliantly. :D

A Brief Introduction to Asgardian Dinner Parties, PG-13, Avengers, Jane, Natasha, Bruce + Asgardians
This is the first Earth-Asgard bonding opportunity since that time Loki punched interstellar relations in the face, twice, and the king and queen of Asgard are here, and they are her boyfriend’s parents.

Jane is absolutely not going to get drunk at this party, is the point.

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Another Treehouse Reversebang fic! \o/ This one is by [personal profile] pollyrepeat, who was one of the coauthor's on well, let the drum beat drop, an avengers ensemble team fic that I fucking loved. And luckily for me, when instead of just commenting that I fucking loved it, I sort of threw myself and this reversebang thing at them, neither of them backed away slowly. Which leads us here -- to VICTORY.

He hit the heights at breakneck speed by [ profile] pollyrepeat
PG-13, Avengers, Tony, Clint, Natasha
In which Natasha gives the thumbs-up to Tony Stark and the Iron Man suit, the Avengers Initiative starts a little differently, and Tony finds himself spending a lot of time with assassins and/or spies.

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All pictures for Treehouse Reversebang, Round 2 are done. \o/ Here are some glimpses and hints -- art and fic will be posted together when the stories are finished.

The first four fandoms have been correctly identified as Avengers (Natasha), Enchanted Forest (Shiara), Avengers (Natasha), Ronin Warriors (Rowen/Touma and Kento/Shu). The other four are still unknown. Guesses welcome. There's only one easy one this time though. :P

There are 14 unfilled prompts out there. I'm going to take a break for a bit to let the writers do what they do best. :)
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4/8 pictures done for round 2! As usual, the purpose of this post is for the other 4 people on the list to see that progress is being made inside the black box.

And if anyone wants to take a shot at guessing the fandoms for these stories-to-be, go for it. I didn't really make it that hard on anybody this time. (Redhead! Gun!)
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The next Treehouse Reversebang story is done! Actually, it's two stories, because [ profile] marbleglove wrote two separate possible scenarios to the prompt. Understandable I think, since she prompted me with a Methos crossover and then listed freaking Valdemar as a possibility. GOLD, RIGHT THERE. One is a fantastic, warm story with a bit of Teacher!Methos. The other gives us angst and Curmudgeon!Methos. I cannot decide which companion I like more. Read both!

Seventh Times a Charm
Story by [ profile] marbleglove
Art by [ profile] pentapus
Methos does not ride white horses anymore but a Companion can be, if not patient, at least highly determined.

Every Ending a Beginning, and Every Beginning an End
Story by [ profile] marbleglove
Art by [ profile] pentapus
A Companion without his Herald is only half a person, but Methos is determined to never again be who he was, riding out all in white..


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