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Treehouse? Challenges?

I have my yuletide reveal plus gifts post about half-coded. I am going to squee about all of my gifts even if it takes until October. Also, I keep getting home from work and planning to draw but sleeping instead. But it feels so good.

ON THAT ENERGETIC NOTE. Are there people interested in more Treehouse? (See tag). Which fandoms? Is there someplace else I should ask about this? Are there changes you'd like to see to the format? Or possibly, please just go back to drawing cute stuff without stories, please?

And are there any neat challenges I should know about? Pimp me into your fandom, please.
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Belatedly catching up on some of my reading - IDK if video game fandoms might interest you, but one of my favorites ever is almost entirely watchable online here:

There is some insane world-building, and lots of drama of a friendshippy variety, not so much romance. The whole series seems to revolve around these groups of friends, usually in threes though not *always*. :|a

For a game whose play is 'here have this magic keysword, go forth and bludgeon your enemies!', the plot is actually fairly complicated and for a while seemed to be just spreading out? But we're coming up to the last game in this arc, and it's all been coming together nicely. (Warning for a villain who really screws with everybody's heads? idk if that's a thing you like or not.) (I eat sufficiently intelligent villains up with a spoon - especially when they're also fundamentally stupid on some level. <3 ) (Much like Touma being a genius, yet responding to a murder scene by picking up the weapon. >> )

If>/i> you do decide to watch, the chronological order is:

Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts
Chain of Memories / 358/2 Days (happening roughly at the same time, but in different locations and with mostly different character sets)
Kingdom Hearts II
Dream Drop Distance

And the order they were released in is :

Kingdom Hearts
Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
358/2 Days
Birth by Sleep
Dream Drop Distance.

Hopefully that was at least entertaining, even if you aren't interested the games. :)
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Hiiii, I'm new to your journal and these treehouse challenges sound AMAZING. I'd love to participate in one! There'd be a number of fandoms we're both in I'd be interested in (including but not limited to Avengers, Highlander, Tortall)