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I have my yuletide reveal plus gifts post about half-coded. I am going to squee about all of my gifts even if it takes until October. Also, I keep getting home from work and planning to draw but sleeping instead. But it feels so good.

ON THAT ENERGETIC NOTE. Are there people interested in more Treehouse? (See tag). Which fandoms? Is there someplace else I should ask about this? Are there changes you'd like to see to the format? Or possibly, please just go back to drawing cute stuff without stories, please?

And are there any neat challenges I should know about? Pimp me into your fandom, please.
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Some questions
1. Is anyone interested in another Treehouse Reversebang round? What if the fandoms were reduced to Avengers, Hockey RPF, and Books of the Raksura? (Ok, and maybe Naruto. And Methos... crossovers.)

2. Is there some kind of idiots guide to Tumblr fandom? Because I do not understand this strange medium. And how much of fandom is over there? i.e. how hard should I be trying to understand this thing?

Oh yeah, and is there some equivalent of the lj user icon? I like to draw chibi icons, but is there some kind of equivalent in-demand graphic for Tumblr?

3. Is there an idiot's guide to Hockey RPF fandom? I don't mean the pairings I mean... where the fandom is. I am discovering that I am really out of practice at being in a current fandom. *facepalm*

Thank you, flist, for taking the time to answer all the queries I come up with. I feel extremely lucky to be able to just ask when I can't figure it out myself. :)
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My computer died. A really big death.

I no longer have photoshop, which is the only graphics program I know how to use. I am currently working the google magic , but:

Does anyone have any tips on photoshop-like programs (not necessarily free)? Or know what is up with this subscription service? Pay forever or don't get to use the software? >:(
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Not too long ago I started a job that doesn't give me a lot of time to spend surfing the fannish corner of the web. As a result, I am woefully under-informed about anything happening in fandom, and I've been relying on the kindness of my flist to let me know when something fun is happening. On that note -

Are there any challenges that accept art going on in your fandom? Please let me know! I would like to sign up.

My main fandoms are Hockey RPF, Naruto, Avengers, and Highlander, but also FMA, The Losers, various animes, ST:Reboot, XMFC, new Bond, Temeraire, Vorkosigan, Neal Stephenson, Martha Wells. That said, I am always interested in being introduced to new fandoms. :)

(Also, 2 new Treehouse Reversebang fics were finished and posted while I was gone! Fantastic! I will posted links + art for them tomorrow.)
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VERY IMPORTANT: If I were a tiger in the avatar universe, what would be the other half of my animal combo? :3

RIP Meebo

Jun. 18th, 2012 05:44 pm
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So meebo, the in-browser im client is getting axed, which is sort of like half my social life getting axed. Or maybe just my social life with [ profile] ileliberte. Does anyone know of a good alternative?
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I have discovered that what a grown up job means is: I get home, I stare at the wall or the TV for a few hours while my brain recharges, and then I go to bed. It turns out this is the perfect amount of time + total lack of motivation needed to draw a lot of pictures on my tablet. I have made, like, a tablet nest on my couch, surrounded by stacks of the photo reference books I bought in the Barnes and Noble discount section (Treehouses of the world! Castles! The Ultimate Guide to Reptiles!).

1. I finished all the ones you guys rec'd earlier (thanks!), so forgive me for being this out of the loop a second time -- Do you know of any art-friendly challenges going on in your fandom? e.g., Psych, Naruto, Burn Notice, SGA, Doctor Who, H5O, XMFC, ST:Reboot, Leverage, Highlander, SPN, Temeraire, Vorkosigan Saga (she says with foolish optimism), and some others.

2. Also, would anyone be interested in a reversebang-ish thing with me? You give me a fandom, characters, + a few favorite things, and I make you a picture prompt (like so or like so) that you could write for, say, yuletide-length? ish? (You know, longer than a comment fic but shorter than a [ profile] miss_porcupine comment fic.) I'm just gauging if it's a crazy idea.
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So, graphic design is not my strength, but I have been asked to make a team logo for RL folks. I can handle the picture part, but...

Is there anyone on my flist who is good with not only graphic design but specifically the text part of graphic design? I would love to ask for help or tips or anything.
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Hey guys, I have a favor to ask -- do you know of any art-friendly challenges going on in your fandom?

E.g. Naruto, SGA, Doctor Who, H5O, XMFC, ST:Reboot, Leverage, Highlander, SPN, Merlin, Vorkosigan Saga (she says with foolish optimism), etc, etc... I got the craving and then realized I had no grasp of fandom current events. Thanks! :)
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Um, so... Delicious?

I left the country for three months, and my account and bookmarks are... gone? I have no emails about this from delicious. They are just... gone?
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Do you have a moment to recommend some books?

What is the single most memorable thing you liked about it? In other words, which button did it press? :D I am pretty sci-fi/fantasy oriented, though other genres can and have appealed. I'm a sap for a good romantic pairing set in a solid plot. Also world-building. Oh yes.

As for my favorites, these are the current top two winners for pushing all the right buttons:
The Baroque Cycle and Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson (basically, historical fiction for nerds who like badasses. There is ALSO a super sweet, ridiculous--and badass, of course--love story in The Baroque Cycle. It hit all of my buttons so hard, oh my god.)

Everything by Patricia A. McKillip but especially In the Forests of Serre, Ombria in Shadow, and The Tower at Stony Wood, etc, etc. High fantasy here, without being inconveniently epic length. Love the way magic appears here -- there is no attempt to make it scientific or anything less than eerie. ♥

ETA: Also, everything by Ursula K. LeGuin (How did I forget her?!), especially The Dispossessed, The Left Hand of Darkness,, and all of the Earthsea books, including the new ones with Ged and Tenar.

Some other favorites are:
Ender's Game and Enchantment by Orson Scott Card
Last Call by Tim Powers (haven't read any others of his)
Matter by Ian M. Banks (and various culture novels)
Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
Alanna and Wild Magic (plus sequels) by Tamora Pierce
His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik
Dragonflight by Anne McCaffery (Yes, I like Lessa. And F'lar. And Robinton.)
Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold (though apparently this is part of a giant book universe I have never read)
Wraeththu by Storm Constantine (which is an angst-heavy love story fantasy epic about gay metahuman sorcerers whose super powers include being really beautiful. Reading it feels sort of like being drugged.)
Archangel by Sharon Shinn (More people need to read this just because every fandom needs an Archangel AU. Pre-industrial society! Watched over by winged individuals who are gifted with heavenly voices and who ask the god for good weather or medicine or for some smiting by singing beautiful music beautifully. EVERYONE HAS A JEWEL IN THEIR ARM THAT LIGHTS UP WHEN THEIR TRUE LOVE IS NEAR--well except for the Edori, who are basically Native American Jewish Tinkers. COME ON, GUYS.)
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Hey, does anyone know where I can find that picture of Grace Parks as Kono holding a shotgun and looking really happy? There was probably a swimsuit involved. I can't find it and I would really like it for reference. :D
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I need your help!

OK, so it's for my sister's annual 4th of July pub crawl and the associated Family Feud style games. But the pub crawl is happening in like 6 hours, so priority is HIGH even is severity is LOW [unless I have those backwards]. And it is fun.

Please answer only those questions that you find interesting:

1. After area 51, which US city or landmark is most likely to be a top secret military repository of alien artifacts?

2. After the White House, which US city or landmark is most likely to destroyed by alien invaders in a show of force?

3. Which US city or landmark is most likely to be the secret headquarters of the human resistance forces?

4. Which group is most likely to be a member of the human resistance forces? [e.g., IT professionals, Tenured professors, Card carrying ACLU members, Tea Party presidential candidates, Star Trek fans in full Klingon regalia, etc]

5. Which group is most likely to betray humanity by joining with the alien invaders? [e.g., IT professionals, Tenured professors, Card carrying ACLU members, Tea Party presidential candidates, Star Trek fans in full Klingon regalia, etc]

6. Which US tradition, food item, or movie cliche is most likely to lead to total and utter annihilation of the alien invaders?

I'm screening comments so you won't be biased by other answers (I think that is how Family Feud works), but I'll unscreen all of them after the pub crawl for your enjoyment. As a bonus preview, best answer so far for #6: pop rocks. :)

Thank you!!
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For an academic/work relating presentation, I need to

1) Download youtube videos (FLV format).
2) Convert them to whatever format can be a) used in a video editing program and b) played in PPT.
3) Edit clips from different videos together.

So far I have accomplished (1). I thought I had accomplished (2) (WinFF and ffmpeg(?)) but I either can't open them (VirtualDub) or the program I download can't actually do anything once I open the files (Movica).

I am supposed to show a final(ish) presentation to the head researcher in 40 minutes. >:(((((
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What do 16th century Scotsmen wear under their kilts?
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Working on chibis for the Escapadecon art show. Finished Leverage, SGA, and Doctor Who. Working on Highlander, and haha -- I couldn't manage to make a picture of Methos and Duncan and a box of kittens work at all, so now there's a picture of Death!Methos carting off Kilt!Duncan as a prize of war. For some reason, this worked much better.

Ok, next up --
HL Methos + Duncan (modern day)
SPN Dean/Castiel
SPN John + Bobby
H5O Danny/Steve

If you have any prompts for these pairings/characters, please share! ♥
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1. So, [personal profile] commodoremarie suggested I put some art in the Escapadecon art show, and that seemed like a good idea. The only thing I need to decide is which fandoms and characters. Have gotten some input from experienced con-goers, but your suggestions are welcome as well. (Also, how many does one send? 1? 2? 5? I am unsure.)

2. Anybody know anything about matting pictures? What is standard at art shows for little (think 4x6 or 3x5) pictures at art shows? And how to do it?

3. How do you get those links at the bottom of your post that say, "Originally posted at dreamwidth : http:/blablablabla..."?
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Does anyone know anything about manipulating .avi files?

This is academic rather than fannish. I run a computer model that outputs an .avi movie of a changing virtual landscape, but the movie is small and much too fast. The movie is made in Matlab, so help from that direction is also possible, but probably more complicated?

I need a program/instructions on how to:

1. Change the movie's speed so that it will stay slow when opened in powerpoint.
2. Make it larger on the screen, if it that lowers resolution.
3. Crop the movie down to just the animation in the center of the frame. (There's a giant flat gray box around the actual moving picture of my research.)

Can anyone help, please?
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Hey, so, previous ex-stray cats in my house have been: Sir Laurence Olivier (R.I.P.) and Genghis Khan. (They were pretty pitiful when they joined the family, so they needed big names.)

(Ok, there were also a pair of young cats with us for a very brief time known as the "Fat Boys" and a lady cat, recently MIA (;_;), called Girlie, but she was the only lady in a long line of boys, so 'Girlie' felt almost like a rank and title. She carried it with dignity anyway, or maybe she was just snooty. In short, I can't quite pretend that all our cats have fancy real people names, but I like to.)

There's a young lady cat joining up on Wednesday, and she needs a name of dignity. So, my question is: could you name some badass RL ladies?

So far on the table:
Dame Judy Dench a.k.a. "M"
Boudica, necessarily called "Bo".
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Hi all, I am in the middle of trying to tag all of the leverage fic I read way too fast (and liked). Which at this point is basically anything that reminded me I like Eliot Spencer. You can see that current list on delicious here.

I have also lost a fic: an SPN/Leverage crossover in which Eliot walks into a bar and spots an amateur pool hustler (hint: Dean!). Does anyone know it?


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