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Treehouse Reversebang: Doctor Who, Rose/Ten

Two more Tree House Reversebang stories are done! Here is the first, an eerie Doctor Who Rose/Ten story with an interfering TARDIS, for those of you who like your space ships with a little sentience. :P I especially liked the great opening that captured the weirdness of traveling on a ship where weird and fantastic are the norm.
For the Cost of a Nightmare by [ profile] lar_laughs
Nothing has gone right lately. Rose knows it. The Doctor knows it. Jack knows it which is the very reason he decided to leave. Rose has no idea how to make things better so when she's given a chance to make things right, she jumps at the chance. Perhaps, this time, she'll figure out what's really important.

(Anybody recognize the landscape? :D)
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That's really lovely.
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Yangshuo, China looked like this when I was there 9 years ago. :D love the art! :)
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Well, it's obviously stage three karst, so I guess those famous islands in Vietnam?