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For [ profile] everbright, who asked for Mako, Stacker, and tea.

This is on tumblr here. Because I am trying to be a trendy fannish kid.

Oh, I just read this tumblr AU story for an anime -- you know the kind where the characters exist in the same morass of pop culture as the fans writing the fic. It was cute, but hahaha, I understood one in twenty references for all the internet pop culture the characters were into. I'm an old fan now. XD
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I spent my morning making this hopefully eyecatching reminder because I don't want you to have the same fannish scare that I did. #fannish-world-problems

Self, I thought, you should check on Yuletide and see if the ball has started rolling yet. ANSWER: YES, DEAR GOD.

PSA for all those like me:

Yuletide signups close Monday, October 14, 2013.
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Two things:

I added all complete Treehouse Reversebang stories to a Collection on AO3. There are 10! Wow.

I have 2 orphaned images from previous rounds of Treehouse Reversebang. (And thank you to those authors for letting me know they wouldn't be able to write for these - knowing was much better than not knowing.) These were intended to be prompts for stories, but I think they look pretty cool on their own.

(If you would like to write for one of these, let me know. First I will squee, and then I will take the image down until you can post image + story to AO3. Otherwise, like I said, I think they look pretty cool on their own. :) )

Doctor Who

Inception (Or any fandom with scruffy blonde dudes in plaid, I guess :P)

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Two more Tree House Reversebang stories are done! Here is the first, an eerie Doctor Who Rose/Ten story with an interfering TARDIS, for those of you who like your space ships with a little sentience. :P I especially liked the great opening that captured the weirdness of traveling on a ship where weird and fantastic are the norm.
For the Cost of a Nightmare by [ profile] lar_laughs
Nothing has gone right lately. Rose knows it. The Doctor knows it. Jack knows it which is the very reason he decided to leave. Rose has no idea how to make things better so when she's given a chance to make things right, she jumps at the chance. Perhaps, this time, she'll figure out what's really important.

(Anybody recognize the landscape? :D)
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Finished! Here are the completed icons.


1-2. Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, requested by [ profile] ithildyn and [ profile] mizz_destiny and [personal profile] astridv
3-4. Books of the Raksura, requested by [personal profile] monanotlisa, [personal profile] everbright, [ profile] snarkydame, and sort of [ profile] ileliberte and (even more sort of) [ profile] spoke
5-9. Deaths: Death of the Endless (Sandman), Methos (Highlander), and Death (Discworld) requested brilliantly by [ profile] lillian13
10-17. Hockey RPF, Sid and Geno, requested by [personal profile] james and [ profile] thehoyden
18. Community, Leslie Knope eating a waffle, requested by [personal profile] runpunkrun
19. Person of Interest, Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese (maybe those are their names?), requested by [ profile] astolat

Avengers, Raksura, Sandman/Highlander/Discworld, Hockey RPF, Community, Person of Interest )

And here's the large versions...

This was a totally brilliant suggestion by [personal profile] lillian13. And I love the big picture. Making icons from this that were recognizable as, like, people with faces, was awful. Looking at you, Methos. Thanks for nothing.

The rest of them... )
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So [ profile] marycrawford won my yuletide guessing game (immediately and with no hesitation -- which also happened with my KakaIru fic, so I guess I was predictable this year), and she asked for an illustration from Children of the New Court and gave several options. I chose the scene where Chime is putting jewelry on Moon.

([ profile] marycrawford,by the way, wrote a fantastic yuletide fic of her own in another Martha Wells verse:
When the Sea is, Fall of Ile-Rien, Tremaine, Ilias, Gilead
Tremaine had been living in Cineth for more than a month now, and so far, none of her more pessimistic predictions had come to pass. She hadn’t gotten anyone killed, not even Cletia; she hadn’t added Ilias to her previously dismal record of broken relationships; and she hadn’t been homesick for Vienne at all.
which I enjoyed immensely.)

Anyway, here goes:

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Okay, so you should just read all of Martha Wells' books on principle, but in particular, you should read the The Cloud Roads. It is extremely fandom compatible.

The first books by Wells that I read were magical steampunk stories rooted in different eras of Western history -- the baroque era, the industrial revolution, the 1930s -- populated by characters and cultures very recognizable to us. I loved them. The Cloud Roads... it's like Wells took the idea of a fantasy universe and decided to go with it all the way.

How to describe the Three Worlds? Basically, take every Star Wars, Star Trek, and Tolkien species and all their crazy, overblown concept art architecture and stick them on one planet. There are cities on flying islands, giant pyramids draped with vines in the middle of rivers, and magical societies living inside of trees as big as mountains. Think Pandora times 10. Even the "normal" humans you meet tend to be blue or green or maybe just have tusks, which is a lovely reminder that there is no "default". For the huge variety of made-up species in the books, the world is deliciously coherent. Because you see it through the eyes of its inhabitants, it all feels like it's supposed to be there, duh.

Unlike a lot of stories with this set up, our main characters are gloriously not-human. Moon, the POV character, is a shape-changer who can shift between two forms -- a human form and a super badass gorgeous gargoyle form. When the story starts off, he's been orphaned at a young age and has spent the last few decades trying to fake it among the non-shifter societies he's encountered. He's kind of awful at faking it, it turns out, but he knows by now that he can't stand living alone, so he keeps trying. It doesn't take long for you to figure that he can handle himself, but you still want to bundle him up and hug him a lot.

Also, guys, I know lots of you have an interest in reversed and/or altered gender roles. Wells has created a central species for her stories with some key, fundamental differences that lead to a whole host of really interesting implications for gender politics in the story. I want to read so many stories about the politics, but I guess it's okay that there's also, like, fights and stuff. Also, I won't lie, it is kind of hot.

So, guys, if you have even a little bit of a kink for world-building or found family or playing with gender roles or just the right amount of hurt/comfort, read these books!

By the way, they are also FUN. Yes. The world it builds is so much fun you will want to read about a hundred fusions where all your favorite fannish characters end up in the Three Worlds. (I still can't decide if Steve Rogers would be a consort, a warrior, or a soldier. Is Jane Foster a mentor or a queen?)

Trust me, you are going to want fic.

And when that happens, come find me because I want there to be a fandom for these books, like, yesterday. It can't just be me and [ profile] ileliberte squeeing over IM at each other, right? (Well, okay, it demonstrably can).

And guys, I'm not even telling you about the taciturn, badass old guy that will instantly become your favorite character. Mainly by standing around and being inscrutable and then letting children climb on him. And he likes kids because -- did I mention the gender roles? -- he's basically the world's equivalent of a dowager queen. A dowager queen who can tear your house down with his bare hands. Seriously.
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The next Treehouse Reversebang story is done! Actually, it's two stories, because [ profile] marbleglove wrote two separate possible scenarios to the prompt. Understandable I think, since she prompted me with a Methos crossover and then listed freaking Valdemar as a possibility. GOLD, RIGHT THERE. One is a fantastic, warm story with a bit of Teacher!Methos. The other gives us angst and Curmudgeon!Methos. I cannot decide which companion I like more. Read both!

Seventh Times a Charm
Story by [ profile] marbleglove
Art by [ profile] pentapus
Methos does not ride white horses anymore but a Companion can be, if not patient, at least highly determined.

Every Ending a Beginning, and Every Beginning an End
Story by [ profile] marbleglove
Art by [ profile] pentapus
A Companion without his Herald is only half a person, but Methos is determined to never again be who he was, riding out all in white..

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From prompts here, two pictures (so far):

Tortall - Tamora Pierce, George and Alanna from [ profile] monanotlisa's prompt here, which was basically "ALANNA, OBVSL." and hating the cold. ♥

Hawaii 5-0, from [ profile] jimandblair's prompt here about Steve and Grace building a sand castle.
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And now: Back to your regularly scheduled silliness, brought to you by [ profile] ileliberte and her prompts. :D

prompt 1: SGA, Teyla and Keller + fighting lesson

prompt 2: Glee, Santana and Brittany + period costume, in this case 1920s.

The first one took about a half an hour, the second more like two hours. I don't know why I don't have control of the switch in my brain that says "Oh, I don't mind if the lines are a mess", especially when spending the time to make them smooth doesn't necessarily translate into a better picture. XD
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Home in time for Christmas and for Yuletide (and got exactly what I wanted for both! Which is apparently Ryou Sanada and a Leatherman). ♥ ALSO, I HAVE A CAT AGAIN. SHE DIDN'T MISS ME.


I got
To Fall in Snow, Still Burning by Anonymous
Ronin Warriors | Yoroiden Samurai Troopers -- Sanada Ryou, Hashiba Touma, and others

Ryou has a fever. But the Samurai Troopers don't get sick.

The author described the source material as "deliciously melodramatic," and yes, mix with strong characters and a bit of effective world building and/or plot and you have my favorite flavor. It starts with a familiar h/c scenario that turns out to have hidden, plotty teeth. EERIE hidden, plotty teeth. Basically, it was delicious. RECOMMENDED.

Ok, YULETIDE GUESSING GAME -- I wrote two complete stories this year! I feel like a real yuletider now. Both are in fandoms with multiple stories posted, so I don't mind if you take advantage of that minor glitch in the ao3. I have also been away from computer and Wacom tablet for far too long, so -- if you can guess which stories are mine, I will draw you something!


I did in fact get to everyone! Hope they find their way to the right place. :)

Also, I have a favor to ask. It felt kind of doofy to take photos of all them at the time, so I didn't, and now I am being doofy retroactively by asking: If you got one and are able, would you mind scanning or snapping a photo of it, please?

There's no need to post it (though a-ok if you do), just send me a copy of the file, and let me know if you mind if I post it. Thank you! I am kind of a hoarder, especially of my own doodles. That said -- totally optional. I know I had a great time making lots of silly pictures while sitting on mountains and in noodle restaurants (if there's rice vinegar on your postcard, er, sorry). I care more that you got it and sort of enjoyed it. :)

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Line Art for the final round of prints. There was a Sherlock sketch as well, but I ran out of steam. If you need it for your happiness, uh, let me know.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Team!)
Due South (RayK/Fraser)
Merlin (Merlin/Arthur)
Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka)
Xfiles (Mulder/Scully)
SGA (Team!)

YST! A.k.a. Ronin Warriors. The first fandom of my heart. That little triangle on the right with the black-haired tiger-hugger and the two star-gazers is my favorite trio. (Star boy is my default DW icon.) So many book-smarts and people-dumbs. Well, Ryo is more like sword-smarts, impulse-control-dumbs. ♥

THE REST! Including the most adorable, perfectly innocent, yet immensely phallic image ever! Thank you, Merlin. )

and again

Jul. 17th, 2011 12:10 pm
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4/6 line arts done. 2 more and then I can start coloring them. So far, temeraire + laurence, arthur/eames, amy/rory, and now kurt/blaine.

Next is still a little fuzzy -- Sherlock and Watson? Kakashi/Iruka? Team SGA or H50? -- but I'll get there. Then again, I already have sketches for Clex and for Thor and Charles/Erik. We'll see. :)
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I swear this somehow came from [personal profile] lillian13's prompt here for H5O, danny, steve, and "How am I supposed to know where my feet are if I can't look down at them?" which is a quote from the surfing lesson Kono attempts to give him. Anyway.

(Danny's opinion)


(Steve's opinion)

Icon free to share, please credit me in your icon's comment section.
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Line art done! Here's the second half of the pictures. They are 1/6 colored as of tonight. \o/ Again, these will be colored, printed (~4x6"), and matted, though at current speed, immortality would be useful.


SGA, John/Rodney, because the point of SGA is alien monsters. )

SPN, Dean and Castiel, because I'm a sap. )

HIGHLANDER, Methos and Duncan, because Methos is hilarious and knows it, don't deny it. )


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