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Finished! Here are the completed icons.


1-2. Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, requested by [ profile] ithildyn and [ profile] mizz_destiny and [personal profile] astridv
3-4. Books of the Raksura, requested by [personal profile] monanotlisa, [personal profile] everbright, [ profile] snarkydame, and sort of [ profile] ileliberte and (even more sort of) [ profile] spoke
5-9. Deaths: Death of the Endless (Sandman), Methos (Highlander), and Death (Discworld) requested brilliantly by [ profile] lillian13
10-17. Hockey RPF, Sid and Geno, requested by [personal profile] james and [ profile] thehoyden
18. Community, Leslie Knope eating a waffle, requested by [personal profile] runpunkrun
19. Person of Interest, Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese (maybe those are their names?), requested by [ profile] astolat

Avengers, Raksura, Sandman/Highlander/Discworld, Hockey RPF, Community, Person of Interest )

And here's the large versions...

This was a totally brilliant suggestion by [personal profile] lillian13. And I love the big picture. Making icons from this that were recognizable as, like, people with faces, was awful. Looking at you, Methos. Thanks for nothing.

The rest of them... )
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Chibi icons to do list:
Redheads: Pepper, Natasha, Alanna (pics 1, pics 2) DONE
Person of Interest: Reese/Finch (primer) DONE
Raksura: Jade, Moon, or Chime DONE
The three deaths - Sandman, Methos, DEATH DONE
H50 - McGarrett, emperor or benevolent dictator
Hockey RPF - Sid & Geno (primer) DONE ...uh...DONE again!
Parks & Rec - Knope waffle DONE
Community - Abed batman & Troy spiderman
John Sheppard (and possibly tentacles?)
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Been awhile, but here goes nothing. Chibi icons look like this:

If you would like a chibi icon, please leave a prompt! The finished icons will be free to share.

1. Please don't make a request unless you plan to use the icon.

2. I am more likely to pick prompts that include: [1] an intriguing advert for the character, [2] a pretty reference photo, or [3] a link to a relevant primer/picspam (love these, though sometimes they get me into trouble: see rule #3).

3. Any fandom welcome, but my current top four are Martha Wells, Avengers, Naruto, and ... uh... *facepalm* hockey RPF for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I don't even know, guys. I guess this is what happens when I stalk [ profile] thehoyden's journal for ninjas and instead find Sentinel AUs about hockey players. Also there was a primer. This is why you write primers, guys, so your fandom spreads like a disease. But anyway, other fandoms are also good.
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Icons preview:

From these:

Set 3: SGA Xfiles Merlin Due South YST/RW Naruto
Set 2: H50 Dr. Who Inception Temeraire Glee XMFC
Set 1: H50 Dr. Who Leverage SGA SPN Highlander

Most icons are from the multifandom prints, with some re-posts from past chibi icon posts to make this something of a masterpost of fannish chibi icons. If an older icon isn't on here it's because I looked at it and winced (old art, ouch) or because it already has its own special post.

The icons! )
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In June, I asked for chibi icon prompts, and predictably, only made two. Here are two more.

Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
[ profile] spark_force asked for Ryo, who wears the Wildfire or Rekka armor to defend the earth and also has a mystical tiger sidekick. (He's also my one true character forever and ever, except for maybe Rowen or Mia. ♥ You never forget your first...?)

(Also seen in the icon on this post, with Mia and inexplicably, butterflies.)

ST Reboot
[ profile] seticat asked for a Bones icon. I fibbed a little, and made icons from this pre-existing picture.

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Haha, so, not as much time for procrastination as I'd hoped. Tomorrow I leave my tablet for two months (;_;) and also start a field program I'm not prepared for, so I'M PUMPED (or terrified).

Only managed two icons, but here they are. Free to share, please comment and credit.

I also added more commissioned icons to my commissions comm here (note: not free to share).
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...before I'm out of here for the summer:

Does anyone have a request for a chibi icon?


Elizabeth I, requested by [ profile] innocentsmith, free to share for anyone who wants. The usual, comment and credit, please.
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So there was supposed to be a set of these...? But I have been busy and slow. Mostly slow.

Morgana emoticons (part 1/?)

1 2

the bigger picture... )

If you'd like to take this opportunity to put in a classic icon genre suggestion for part 2, I won't turn you away. :)
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There is a worrying correlation between the length of my to-do list and number of posts per day.

Anyway, here is a Morgana icon
(it is free to share, please credit me in your icon keywords, etc, etc)

from this larger image )


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