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Line Art for the final round of prints. There was a Sherlock sketch as well, but I ran out of steam. If you need it for your happiness, uh, let me know.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Team!)
Due South (RayK/Fraser)
Merlin (Merlin/Arthur)
Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka)
Xfiles (Mulder/Scully)
SGA (Team!)

YST! A.k.a. Ronin Warriors. The first fandom of my heart. That little triangle on the right with the black-haired tiger-hugger and the two star-gazers is my favorite trio. (Star boy is my default DW icon.) So many book-smarts and people-dumbs. Well, Ryo is more like sword-smarts, impulse-control-dumbs. ♥

THE REST! Including the most adorable, perfectly innocent, yet immensely phallic image ever! Thank you, Merlin. )
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In June, I asked for chibi icon prompts, and predictably, only made two. Here are two more.

Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
[ profile] spark_force asked for Ryo, who wears the Wildfire or Rekka armor to defend the earth and also has a mystical tiger sidekick. (He's also my one true character forever and ever, except for maybe Rowen or Mia. ♥ You never forget your first...?)

(Also seen in the icon on this post, with Mia and inexplicably, butterflies.)

ST Reboot
[ profile] seticat asked for a Bones icon. I fibbed a little, and made icons from this pre-existing picture.

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ETA: I'm now done with the 3 panel comics (I arbitrarily decided on 5 as a good number), and I've reposted them all here with the final, new comic. Original posts: Idol/HL/Twilight, SGA, and James Bond.

(All the comics are cut off in dreamwidth, so here is a link to the dw light format.)

Highlander/Twilight for [ profile] kouryou

Sparkles in Le Blues Bar )

Highlander/Adam Lambert for [ profile] astolat

Glam )

SGA: John, Ronon, script by [ profile] bratfarrar

Hrrrgh... )

Casino Royale: Bond, M, script by [ profile] siegeofangels

007, leering is not part of the waltz. )

Ronin Warriors: Rowen Hashiba & White Blaze

First, there was this picture for [ profile] spark_force, from the 20 min picture meme.
What? I lost my socks. )

Followed by: Maybe I'll go buy some socks. )
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First, a note: I'm [personal profile] pentapus on dreamwidth (this post, and most others since april this year have been crossposted on lj and dw). With the idea that one day I'll be mostly dreamwidth based and with me fading out of SGA, I trimmed the lj flist down to journals I sort of know*/read. All fannish content on this journal is unlocked, so there isn't anything to miss.

But in other news, here is Today's 20 min 30 minute picture. It wasn't really anybody in particular, except that I colored her hair auburn and drew a rocket ship. So, in my world, that would make her Mia Koji of Ronin Warriors (the rocket ship totally makes this a Rowen/Mia picture somehow. Like I said -- my world), but that's totally optional.

*(or who once told a story about finding their grandmother's vibrator. Flist trimming is not an exact science, I admit).


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