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So, I sort of disappeared off the face of the planet there for a while. School has been, it turns out, really time consuming -- who knew!

I've been spending a lot of time searching for My Next True Fandom after Stargate: Atlantis, and to be honest, I haven't had much success.

1. Leverage -- I came for Parker (Best Parker Moments - youtube) and stayed for Parker, Hardison (character intro -- youtube), and most importantly: Eliot (Eliot on knives and people - youtube). Parker is honestly weird in way that's not supposed to make her sexy, and is given a lot of the comedy in the show -- 2 big pros for me in a female character. Hardison is gorgeous, ridiculous, sweet, super nerdy -- the writers know their stuff too (unlike SGA's attempts to make a WoW reference) -- and very good at what he does. He has unresolved Romantic Tension with Parker that will make your heart melt.

I recommend Season 1 and Season 2, and the parts of season 3 with Parker/Hardison. Season 3 - not my happy place. But at least it has Parker. )

2. Inception - I loved this movie, and I loved this fic -- for about a week, until Arthur/Eames bored me beyond reason. In canon, Eames objects to Arthur on a fundamental philosophical level. In short: Arthur is a technician; Eames is an artist. From what we see of Arthur, this is not a wrongful accusation. Hardly an obstacle to a slash pairing, but inception fic never addresses it -- fic!Eames finds Arthur irresistible. Also, good luck finding anything about Ariadne, Saito, Dom, or Yusuf. Sigh. ETA: I don't really think Eames hates Arthur's guts, but I did feel like Arthur was this guy he'd worked with before who rubbed him the wrong way.

That said, do go read the two inception fics by [ profile] rageprufrock. Presque Vu is temporarily down from Ao3, but it's the fandom's best piece of world-building, backstory, and portrayal of Mal, Dom, Arthur, and a really endearing, ridiculous Eames. The second is just funny.

So long, Inception, it was a deeply enjoyable, whirlwind affair.

3. Naruto - The bad: too long, weak girls, bad animation. BUT --
1) It's about ninja!
2) It successfully creates a huge, interconnected, varied cast of characters that reaches across generations. And while the girls don't win the big battles, I do like them a lot. But my favorite character is, of course --


Kakashi shows up late for his first day as Team 7's teacher -- and gets hit by the eraser Naruto's wedged above the door )

4) As a side note, I sort of feel like every Naruto fan has to have their personal vote for next Hokage (aka the Ninja Mayor). My vote is Nara Shikamaru. Laziest grumpy genius ever. The most annoying moment of his life was when he got promoted. And then it turned out he was good at it. So troublesome. :)

How to Read Naruto Fic:
1. Use Delicious tags, a recs list/comm, or a good favorites page on Read fic until you realize you have been on for two hours looking for someone who knows the difference between "lose" and "loose" or who at least doesn't refer to Naruto as "Sasuke's little whore".

2. Read one of these stories to regain faith:
[ profile] rageprufrock: Telephone, White Wedding
[ profile] thehoyden, Opening the Roads, Spies Like Us, How to File Form 39-B
Megyal is also a good author and Paxnirvana.

They're all Kakashi/Iruka, which seems to rise to the top when reading Kakashi fic. (I don't think you need much Naruto to read these. All you need to know is that Naruto is the host to a demon that almost destroyed the village and killed many people the year he was born. Iruka lost both his parents to the demon fox. He was Naruto's teacher, and while initially cold towards him, eventually caved and is now Naruto's main source of parental affection. Say Aww.)

3. Return to Step 1. Repeat as needed. I think I'm a few weeks away from memorizing Telephone and Spies Like Us in their entirety.

And that's where I've been. What are you guys watching/reading these days?
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They're going to need another new office.
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So, it turns out I have no free time anymore. And I was doing okay with that. Fandom and me, we didn't need each like we used to. I thought.

Then I saw a collection of Parker clips. And then I watched the first episode of Leverage. And about a week later, I'd seen all of Leverage. And read pretty much every fic in existence with a tag relevant to Eliot Spencer.

(I really, really didn't have the time for that. Crap.)


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