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Icons preview:

From these:

Set 3: SGA Xfiles Merlin Due South YST/RW Naruto
Set 2: H50 Dr. Who Inception Temeraire Glee XMFC
Set 1: H50 Dr. Who Leverage SGA SPN Highlander

Most icons are from the multifandom prints, with some re-posts from past chibi icon posts to make this something of a masterpost of fannish chibi icons. If an older icon isn't on here it's because I looked at it and winced (old art, ouch) or because it already has its own special post.

The icons! )
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Line Art for the final round of prints. There was a Sherlock sketch as well, but I ran out of steam. If you need it for your happiness, uh, let me know.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Team!)
Due South (RayK/Fraser)
Merlin (Merlin/Arthur)
Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka)
Xfiles (Mulder/Scully)
SGA (Team!)

YST! A.k.a. Ronin Warriors. The first fandom of my heart. That little triangle on the right with the black-haired tiger-hugger and the two star-gazers is my favorite trio. (Star boy is my default DW icon.) So many book-smarts and people-dumbs. Well, Ryo is more like sword-smarts, impulse-control-dumbs. ♥

THE REST! Including the most adorable, perfectly innocent, yet immensely phallic image ever! Thank you, Merlin. )
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Title: Morgana and the Bear of Mercia
Fandom: Merlin BBC
Genre/Characters: Series 1 AU, Morgana, also Gwen, Lancelot, Merlin, Arthur
Notes: Back when I was in Merlin fandom and in love with Morgana, I loved coming up with epic plots in which Morgana got to pretend to be an elven prince or have a familiar who was a bear. This is the latter. Three whole people would have read it -- the other characters appear only at the beginning and for part of the end, and for shits, the pairing is Morgana/OMC. In my defense, Merlin also fights a fairy queen.

A Very Long Summary: So, basically, the story starts with Morgana losing time. )

A note on me, squicks, and BBC Merlin )
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I don't suppose anyone wants to spoil me for the entirety of BBC's Merlin? </hopeful look>

(since the last two episodes of season 1, rather)
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So there was supposed to be a set of these...? But I have been busy and slow. Mostly slow.

Morgana emoticons (part 1/?)

1 2

the bigger picture... )

If you'd like to take this opportunity to put in a classic icon genre suggestion for part 2, I won't turn you away. :)
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There is a worrying correlation between the length of my to-do list and number of posts per day.

Anyway, here is a Morgana icon
(it is free to share, please credit me in your icon keywords, etc, etc)

from this larger image )
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New laptop is not a tablet pc, so I had to get a wacom as well as a new computer. I haven't used one of these in a while, hence I was a bit rusty. Morgana took... a while, and she's laughing at me, but I think I could eventually get the hang of this. Castiel, on the other hand, might never forgive me.


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