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Title: Night Music
Author: [personal profile] sage
Artist: [personal profile] pentapus
Rating: Gen
Length: 24,000 words
Warnings: No major warnings. Some violence, wartime setting.
Notes: Written for [ profile] sgareversebang!
Summary: The stargate program begins in 1928, when Dr. Langford's team discovers a working stargate in Giza and the symbols to dial Atlantis. Then the aliens invade.

[Read the story on AO3]

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Wait, what? (I am pretty certain this is not really the title)
SGA, Nancy/Yoni (and many other OCs)
Fic by [ profile] miss_porcupine
Art by [ profile] pentapus

The first of the misleadingly named "treehouse reversebang" pictures, which has nothing to do with treehouses.

Some of you may know that [ profile] miss_porcupine writes a fantastically detailed and three dimensional SGA universe that basically makes Atlantis make sense behind the scenes. For years now, I have been not-so-secretly shipping Yoni Safir (a prickly, grim Israeli doctor played in our minds by Oded Fehr) and Nancy Clayton (tall, laid back, faux redhead doctor with a history of cliff-jumping and a learned ability to roll with the punches of whatever Lorne's Marines come up with next.)

For a someone as gen-oriented as Miss P, that's very nearly the definition of wishful thinking. Or obnoxious persistence. Miss P is finally offering me some positive reinforcement for my behavior, and I am SO HAPPY. :D :D
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Thank you for linking me to all those challenges, guys. I have now signed up for:

1. Stargate Atlantis Reverse Big Bang 2012 banner
(Due Feb 29)

[ profile] trekreversebang
(Due April 1)

3. [ profile] sgaartvalentine, for which I have no idea what to actually draw. Please leave more prompts.
(Due Feb 9)

4. [ profile] kakasaku Reverse Bang, which is a pairing that generally worries me, but I'll be a writer, see? So that will... work... right.
(Art due Feb 20, claims until April 15, story due April 30)

Though I didn't sign up for it, there's also
[ profile] kbl_reversebang
which is currently suffering from too many writers and not enough artists, if you happen to be a graphic-inclined glee fan. :)
(Sign-ups until Feb 7, Art due March 28)
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For [ profile] miss_porcupine's commentfic here, in which Yoni Safir and Nancy Clayton (from her Lorne's Team SGA verse) have to get fake-married for the sake of the mission. It was pretty awesome, even if she is obviously toying with me. :D

I couldn't figure out how to draw a good picture of Yoni and Nancy + bed sharing, so instead I turned to the Wikipedia entry on Jewish weddings. In the absence of an internet connection, I'm not sure who on the team knew what a chuppah was, so I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. Also, I lied in my last post; there are actually no canon characters in this picture since I cropped Lorne out of it. Mainly because I couldn't manage to draw him biting his lip without making it look like he was pooping.
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Icons preview:

From these:

Set 3: SGA Xfiles Merlin Due South YST/RW Naruto
Set 2: H50 Dr. Who Inception Temeraire Glee XMFC
Set 1: H50 Dr. Who Leverage SGA SPN Highlander

Most icons are from the multifandom prints, with some re-posts from past chibi icon posts to make this something of a masterpost of fannish chibi icons. If an older icon isn't on here it's because I looked at it and winced (old art, ouch) or because it already has its own special post.

The icons! )
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Dear [ profile] miss_porcupine,

I didn't know what you wanted for your birthday, so I got you Nancy in a cave. Uh, the end.

Yep. That is definitely a cave. )
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Line art done! Here's the second half of the pictures. They are 1/6 colored as of tonight. \o/ Again, these will be colored, printed (~4x6"), and matted, though at current speed, immortality would be useful.


SGA, John/Rodney, because the point of SGA is alien monsters. )

SPN, Dean and Castiel, because I'm a sap. )

HIGHLANDER, Methos and Duncan, because Methos is hilarious and knows it, don't deny it. )
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[ profile] ileliberte asked for John and Teyla. I asked for megafauna. When our powers combine, we are pretty silly.

In other news, I finished my [ profile] trekreversebang picture, which will be up sometime in the next week or so. After that it's back to radio silence.
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A postcard for [ profile] smittywing, who asked for Ronon and Keller as Lancelot and Guinevere. My position on that is: I drew it, now she should write it. /:D

I'm kind of busy...? )
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A pinch hit for [ profile] bluflamingo for the [ profile] sg_flyboys challenge. One of her prompts was an AU outside of the sgc and air force. [ profile] miss_porcupine suggested the Wright brothers and provided this image.
So here you have it, an SGA/SG-1 Wright brothers AU, except of course John and Cam aren't related, so. /:)
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from [ profile] villainny's prompt of teyla on the weekend and comfortable clothes. After several failed attempts at comfy athosian clothes, instead we have silly.

Your job -- to figure out what whacky Satedan sport gave rise to the tights.


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