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I have had an awful record this year for reversebangs, but DC dystopia came with a lovely feature I had not anticipated -- a pinch hitter!

Title: Burn it to the Ground
Story by: [ profile] tsubasalove87
Art by: [personal profile] pentapus
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Castiel

[Read the story]

The whole, enormous image )

Note: If you are not familiar with Supernatural, it is worth watching Castiel's first appearance, remembering that this is a show that has had 3 seasons of evil all up in there, increasingly in accordance with the Christians mythos of demons, devil, and Hell. Angels remained a... polite fiction for the masses.

Actually the whole episode is a brilliant build of suspense. You could pretty much just watch that one (that's basically what I did).

In short: Angels are scary and inhuman weapons of heaven that have to possess somebody to talk to us. We can't see their real self except in delightfully creepy shadows. Castiel's wings looked as big as a barn. Since this picture was drawn to the Dean-as-Archangel-Michael genre of SPN fic, I extrapolated.

I haven't read the fic anymore than you guys have, so I'm looking forward to it. Link when I get home!
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Icons preview:

From these:

Set 3: SGA Xfiles Merlin Due South YST/RW Naruto
Set 2: H50 Dr. Who Inception Temeraire Glee XMFC
Set 1: H50 Dr. Who Leverage SGA SPN Highlander

Most icons are from the multifandom prints, with some re-posts from past chibi icon posts to make this something of a masterpost of fannish chibi icons. If an older icon isn't on here it's because I looked at it and winced (old art, ouch) or because it already has its own special post.

The icons! )
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Your problem, Horse, is... you have no faith.

ETA: Hahaha. No, no, Dean is the prince! He is just remonstrating with the horse! As Castiel taught him! And the horse is just a horse. Not that this scenario makes any more sense.

Jeez, Dean, if only you had pointy ears and ridiculous conehead hair, then you would be easier to draw recognizably.
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So I am supposed to be drawing this horses of the apocalypse picture for [personal profile] agentotter, because she wrote me something awesome a geologic age ago. I got some figures from my parents' house recently that I though might help me out with reference. But I only had three horses. However, I did have four quadrupeds.

Ok, ok, I'll fix. Sheesh.

ETA: Er. dear [personal profile] agentotter, there will be a finished, colored pictured without a giraffe relative, I promise. Just in case you worried. >_>
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As requested by Jim, journal updated. I am supposed to draw horses of the apocalypse. Close enough for government work? Alright, next time.


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