Dec. 31st, 2009

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[ profile] siegeofangels got her postcard a few days ago, so here's the scan. ([ profile] anyagee, I'm guessing that yours has arrived too since I sent both at the same time. If not, um, spoilers! Sorry!)

[ profile] siegeofangels asked for Casino Royale (ages ago).

Actually, Bond, I think you might be Scottish? )

[ profile] anyagee asked for the Enchanted Forest (also ages ago).

Kazul grins with *all* her teeth. )
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So, I know this is the point of yuletide? And I have done yuletide before? But my first reaction this year to my gifts was something like, "Oh my goodness! That's JUST what I wanted! How improbable! It's like it's a gift for me! \o/"

Naomi Novik - Temeraire
The General In His Labyrinth by applegnat
The first time Wellington heard Jane Roland laugh, his mouth went dry with yearning.

Jane! Wellington! He is grumpy! And it is told using the device of a book of scandalous memoirs that get Society in an uproar. ♥

Tamora Pierce - Tortall
nuns fret not at their convent's narrow walls by ambyr
Alanna goes to the Mother of Mountains convent, but chooses life as a guard at the Temple of the Great Mother Goddess over marriage and life as a lady. Six months after taking up her duties, she unexpectedly encounters an intruder on the Temple's grounds.

This is the set up for a What if? in Alanna's life that makes me really want to know what happens this time around. The guards at the Temple of the Goddess are female warriors, but they're also tied to the grounds and separate from the world. Alanna would, I think, be desperately unhappy. However, living in the center of Corus, there's the chance for a whole new adventure novel involving lower city hijinks and the King of Thieves. :D :D :D (Also, there's a reference in the story to the sweating sickness -- which makes me kind of go, "Oh dear, Jonathan, you're going to be one dead prince without Alanna. D: D:")

Patricia C. Wrede - Enchanted Forest/Hikaru no Go
Princess no Go by Elizabeth Culmer
Cimorene and Mendanbar play Go. AU.

This is actually a pun on my Enchanted Forest prompt, which was "Cimorene and Mendanbar AU. Go." It's true, I do love puns. And AUs. Also has a great reference to the Gargoyle. :)

I'd offer something for guessing the one I wrote, but I think I told anyone who might have been able to guess... and you'll find out tomorrow anyway. Still, um, I could draw you a picture? Your hint is that I spent too much money in a comic book store after realizing which fandom I'd been assigned (and I don't regret it all *pets the comic shelf*).


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