Aug. 9th, 2013

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Another Hockey RPF treehouse reversebang story! The prompt I gave was about all the behind-the-scenes film players take these days, and [ profile] thehoyden delivered brilliantly. I loved the ensemble feel and her choices of what, exactly Sidney says in his sleep. Especially love getting a bit of Flower and Duper, troublemakers.
The Secrets that You Keep by [ profile] thehoyden, art by [ profile] pentapus
Hockey RPF, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins ensemble
He knew, vaguely, that Sidney talked in his sleep.

Prompted from this picture:

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Today I started posting my old Yuletide and some other stories to AO3 (yes, I know one of them I just posted last night, but I forgot AO3 was a thing!):

King's Sword, Kingdom's Own (NYR 2008)
Tortall - Tamora Pierce, Raoul, Alanna, Jonathan, Thayet, Gary
"This," Raoul mimicked Haryse's gesture, "is the natural outcome of too many days spent reading about supply line logistics. I'm preserving my health of mind."

As Jonathan gathers the pieces of his kingdom in the wake of the coronation rebellion, Raoul can't shake a feeling of creeping stagnation.

The Protection Racket
Leverage, OT3 UST, Parker, Alec, Eliot
Eliot doesn’t look at her when she sits down. He’s got his fingers pressed against the bridge of his nose like he’s got a hangover. That’s when Alec notices they aren’t speaking to each other.

Books of the Raksura, Moon, Jade, Chime, a little bit OT3, a little bit not
“You are not going to get stolen,” Jade said. It was almost the only thing she’d said since it’d happened.

Searching for Sharks (NYR 2008)
Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Mendanbar/Cimorene, Modern AU
"Sharks, sir? Really?" Willin said. "Forgive me, it's just--are you sure this is the image the company wants to send?"

The Enchanted Forest meets the Pacific Northwest, academia, virtual reality -- and Cimorene.


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