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Another Treehouse Reversebang fic! \o/ This one is by [personal profile] pollyrepeat, who was one of the coauthor's on well, let the drum beat drop, an avengers ensemble team fic that I fucking loved. And luckily for me, when instead of just commenting that I fucking loved it, I sort of threw myself and this reversebang thing at them, neither of them backed away slowly. Which leads us here -- to VICTORY.

He hit the heights at breakneck speed by [ profile] pollyrepeat
PG-13, Avengers, Tony, Clint, Natasha
In which Natasha gives the thumbs-up to Tony Stark and the Iron Man suit, the Avengers Initiative starts a little differently, and Tony finds himself spending a lot of time with assassins and/or spies.

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Okay, so you should just read all of Martha Wells' books on principle, but in particular, you should read the The Cloud Roads. It is extremely fandom compatible.

The first books by Wells that I read were magical steampunk stories rooted in different eras of Western history -- the baroque era, the industrial revolution, the 1930s -- populated by characters and cultures very recognizable to us. I loved them. The Cloud Roads... it's like Wells took the idea of a fantasy universe and decided to go with it all the way.

How to describe the Three Worlds? Basically, take every Star Wars, Star Trek, and Tolkien species and all their crazy, overblown concept art architecture and stick them on one planet. There are cities on flying islands, giant pyramids draped with vines in the middle of rivers, and magical societies living inside of trees as big as mountains. Think Pandora times 10. Even the "normal" humans you meet tend to be blue or green or maybe just have tusks, which is a lovely reminder that there is no "default". For the huge variety of made-up species in the books, the world is deliciously coherent. Because you see it through the eyes of its inhabitants, it all feels like it's supposed to be there, duh.

Unlike a lot of stories with this set up, our main characters are gloriously not-human. Moon, the POV character, is a shape-changer who can shift between two forms -- a human form and a super badass gorgeous gargoyle form. When the story starts off, he's been orphaned at a young age and has spent the last few decades trying to fake it among the non-shifter societies he's encountered. He's kind of awful at faking it, it turns out, but he knows by now that he can't stand living alone, so he keeps trying. It doesn't take long for you to figure that he can handle himself, but you still want to bundle him up and hug him a lot.

Also, guys, I know lots of you have an interest in reversed and/or altered gender roles. Wells has created a central species for her stories with some key, fundamental differences that lead to a whole host of really interesting implications for gender politics in the story. I want to read so many stories about the politics, but I guess it's okay that there's also, like, fights and stuff. Also, I won't lie, it is kind of hot.

So, guys, if you have even a little bit of a kink for world-building or found family or playing with gender roles or just the right amount of hurt/comfort, read these books!

By the way, they are also FUN. Yes. The world it builds is so much fun you will want to read about a hundred fusions where all your favorite fannish characters end up in the Three Worlds. (I still can't decide if Steve Rogers would be a consort, a warrior, or a soldier. Is Jane Foster a mentor or a queen?)

Trust me, you are going to want fic.

And when that happens, come find me because I want there to be a fandom for these books, like, yesterday. It can't just be me and [ profile] ileliberte squeeing over IM at each other, right? (Well, okay, it demonstrably can).

And guys, I'm not even telling you about the taciturn, badass old guy that will instantly become your favorite character. Mainly by standing around and being inscrutable and then letting children climb on him. And he likes kids because -- did I mention the gender roles? -- he's basically the world's equivalent of a dowager queen. A dowager queen who can tear your house down with his bare hands. Seriously.
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I think I mentioned that my record for reversebang writers not going AWOL is, well, it's good if it's a batting average. (2 out of 6 didn't disappear, though by the way, the ones that finished? Awesome).

Anyway. Here's one of the [ profile] trekreversebang pictures that never got a story. :(

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The art posts for [ profile] kakairu_fest are up! In fact the whole fest is posted is it's entirety, and there is one more week of voting. (You can also just read without voting if the competition feel is not your fandom space.) Some seriously good stuff here.

Entry Master Post <- click! Read! Look!

Art Posts:

Remember, you'll have nooooo idea which is mine. In fact, it isn't already obvious just from the previews. That's what I like about art - the anonymity.

<-- Post one: "Lost"

Post two: "Good Sport"


I enjoyed the hell out of a lot of the stories that got posted, above and beyond my expectations. Honestly, the whole thing is worth checking out if you are a fan of Kakashi or Iruka. That said, my four very favorite stories were:

Bringing Up Kakashi, which is freaking fantastic Asimov-style AU with robots and artifical intelligence.

Sealed. Really liked this story's canon feel. The event that sets off the story has that special kind of bizarrely-real feeling. Kakashi is found at the foot of the Hokage monument, apparently having fallen, but no one knows if he was pushed or jumped -- ninja can't just fall, can they? I loved the details of the house Iruka spends most of the story working on. You pretty quickly figure out the secret of the house, but the details of the world-building and the characters' emotions keep you interested and invested while you're getting there. And 'there' is someplace you really want to be.

Rhythm of the Heart. Strictly Ballroom AU. Really well executed. Loved the descriptions of the dancing and Iruka's experiences being thrown into it. I wish I could create a world this real just from wikipedia research.

Excuses Solve.... Fantastic canon story in which Iruka is working on a civilian graduate degree and doing research on Shinobi survival rates vs. academy time. Loved all the behind the scenes details -- where the data is kept, who's in charge of processing those ubiquitous mission reports, and the implications of truly awful handwriting. Also how Iruka has to do statistics without computers!
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Still sort of Flu-ey. I think I would get better much faster if someone would write post-Avengers Clint/Darcy. Which is the greatest no-canon basis pairing ever. See Manifesto. There are GIFs!


Apr. 3rd, 2012 08:45 pm
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I composed a lot of mental squee about psych over the last few weeks, but instead I'll just say I love Gus, I love Shawn, I love when they hold bunnies and fall out of windows, and I loved screaming, 'NO WAY' with my best friend (we also hold bunnies and convince everyone of our big gay love, so psych was an easy sell) when the art thief turned around and it was Cary Elwes. LOTS OF HAPPY.

Also here is a picture of Shawn and Gus and a dinosaur. :D
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So, I got my first grown up paycheck last week, and like a real grown up, I have begun the age old practice of unwise spending choices. Basically, Wacom Cintiq = I AM SO HAPPY.

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I squealed when [ profile] torch got into Naruto -- I mean, I still think about SGA and peaches -- and so I promised her, like, a blank check of fan art if she ever wrote Naruto. (Uh, sometimes I come on strong. I'm -- no, no, I'm not really working on it at all.)

I realized recently that she wrote some Naruto porn battle entries, even if she never came by to collect. Like so:
Loud by [ profile] torch, Gai/Iruka
Summary: You're kidding, right?

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For [ profile] miss_porcupine's commentfic here, in which Yoni Safir and Nancy Clayton (from her Lorne's Team SGA verse) have to get fake-married for the sake of the mission. It was pretty awesome, even if she is obviously toying with me. :D

I couldn't figure out how to draw a good picture of Yoni and Nancy + bed sharing, so instead I turned to the Wikipedia entry on Jewish weddings. In the absence of an internet connection, I'm not sure who on the team knew what a chuppah was, so I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. Also, I lied in my last post; there are actually no canon characters in this picture since I cropped Lorne out of it. Mainly because I couldn't manage to draw him biting his lip without making it look like he was pooping.
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From prompts here, two pictures (so far):

Tortall - Tamora Pierce, George and Alanna from [ profile] monanotlisa's prompt here, which was basically "ALANNA, OBVSL." and hating the cold. ♥

Hawaii 5-0, from [ profile] jimandblair's prompt here about Steve and Grace building a sand castle.
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And now: Back to your regularly scheduled silliness, brought to you by [ profile] ileliberte and her prompts. :D

prompt 1: SGA, Teyla and Keller + fighting lesson

prompt 2: Glee, Santana and Brittany + period costume, in this case 1920s.

The first one took about a half an hour, the second more like two hours. I don't know why I don't have control of the switch in my brain that says "Oh, I don't mind if the lines are a mess", especially when spending the time to make them smooth doesn't necessarily translate into a better picture. XD
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Home in time for Christmas and for Yuletide (and got exactly what I wanted for both! Which is apparently Ryou Sanada and a Leatherman). ♥ ALSO, I HAVE A CAT AGAIN. SHE DIDN'T MISS ME.


I got
To Fall in Snow, Still Burning by Anonymous
Ronin Warriors | Yoroiden Samurai Troopers -- Sanada Ryou, Hashiba Touma, and others

Ryou has a fever. But the Samurai Troopers don't get sick.

The author described the source material as "deliciously melodramatic," and yes, mix with strong characters and a bit of effective world building and/or plot and you have my favorite flavor. It starts with a familiar h/c scenario that turns out to have hidden, plotty teeth. EERIE hidden, plotty teeth. Basically, it was delicious. RECOMMENDED.

Ok, YULETIDE GUESSING GAME -- I wrote two complete stories this year! I feel like a real yuletider now. Both are in fandoms with multiple stories posted, so I don't mind if you take advantage of that minor glitch in the ao3. I have also been away from computer and Wacom tablet for far too long, so -- if you can guess which stories are mine, I will draw you something!


I did in fact get to everyone! Hope they find their way to the right place. :)

Also, I have a favor to ask. It felt kind of doofy to take photos of all them at the time, so I didn't, and now I am being doofy retroactively by asking: If you got one and are able, would you mind scanning or snapping a photo of it, please?

There's no need to post it (though a-ok if you do), just send me a copy of the file, and let me know if you mind if I post it. Thank you! I am kind of a hoarder, especially of my own doodles. That said -- totally optional. I know I had a great time making lots of silly pictures while sitting on mountains and in noodle restaurants (if there's rice vinegar on your postcard, er, sorry). I care more that you got it and sort of enjoyed it. :)

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Icons preview:

From these:

Set 3: SGA Xfiles Merlin Due South YST/RW Naruto
Set 2: H50 Dr. Who Inception Temeraire Glee XMFC
Set 1: H50 Dr. Who Leverage SGA SPN Highlander

Most icons are from the multifandom prints, with some re-posts from past chibi icon posts to make this something of a masterpost of fannish chibi icons. If an older icon isn't on here it's because I looked at it and winced (old art, ouch) or because it already has its own special post.

The icons! )
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Line Art for the final round of prints. There was a Sherlock sketch as well, but I ran out of steam. If you need it for your happiness, uh, let me know.

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Team!)
Due South (RayK/Fraser)
Merlin (Merlin/Arthur)
Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka)
Xfiles (Mulder/Scully)
SGA (Team!)

YST! A.k.a. Ronin Warriors. The first fandom of my heart. That little triangle on the right with the black-haired tiger-hugger and the two star-gazers is my favorite trio. (Star boy is my default DW icon.) So many book-smarts and people-dumbs. Well, Ryo is more like sword-smarts, impulse-control-dumbs. ♥

THE REST! Including the most adorable, perfectly innocent, yet immensely phallic image ever! Thank you, Merlin. )
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Title: Morgana and the Bear of Mercia
Fandom: Merlin BBC
Genre/Characters: Series 1 AU, Morgana, also Gwen, Lancelot, Merlin, Arthur
Notes: Back when I was in Merlin fandom and in love with Morgana, I loved coming up with epic plots in which Morgana got to pretend to be an elven prince or have a familiar who was a bear. This is the latter. Three whole people would have read it -- the other characters appear only at the beginning and for part of the end, and for shits, the pairing is Morgana/OMC. In my defense, Merlin also fights a fairy queen.

A Very Long Summary: So, basically, the story starts with Morgana losing time. )

A note on me, squicks, and BBC Merlin )
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Dear [ profile] miss_porcupine,

I didn't know what you wanted for your birthday, so I got you Nancy in a cave. Uh, the end.

Yep. That is definitely a cave. )
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[ profile] ileliberte suggested a Charlie's Angels pose when I was coming up dry for ideas, which turned out to be a pretty solid plan, I think. That makes six pieces of line art. Now to fix the arthur/eames picture and then color them all. Hopefully done before the end of July!

Previous previews of line art: (note that these are unfinished; they will be revised a bit and colored) temeraire + laurence, arthur/eames, amy/rory, kurt/blaine, (in which Blaine's hair is an dragon, true facts), and charles/erik.
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Every time I try to get into a new, large fandom -- H50, Inception, Xmen -- somehow it always ends with me thinking, "Man, Kakashi is totally awesome."

Maybe later more recs, but until then here's a link to my previous mini-pimp post with a few recs.

Ok, I'll add one more rec:
The Girl from Whirlpool (Naruto, Minato/Kushina) by SilverShine is a delicious world-building romp through a functioning ninja village, complete with school, missions, gossip, and plenty of peril, all centered around the story of how Naruto's parents meet. Minato is a likable, good-natured genius who kind of floats through life wondering when it's going to get difficult. And then he meets Kushina, a refugee orphan covered in dirt. He saves her from some bullies, and she thanks him by punching him in the gut. She is pretty much the most awesome, impossible person ever.

As bonus, the story sports a compelling plot that manages to weave in plenty of character development, and almost all of the events originate from some part of Naruto canon. Naruto has a huge cast of characters and multiple generations -- many of them appear here and all of them are distinct, interesting people with a part to play in ninja life. Did I mention that includes Kakashi's awesome, prickly, badass dad and wee Kakashi? On the other hand, it's so well woven, you don't need to be know any Naruto at all to follow it.

But FORGET ALL OF THAT. The best part of this story is that these are the most badass ninja ever. The author writes all of the weird ninja abilities of the Naruto universe with a common sense and simplicity that leaves you shivering with delight. Like, watching Erik Lensherr send back the missiles of an entire battalion kind of delight. In particular, Naruto canon is obsessed with his dad's secret technique (Hiraishin aka Flying Thunder God - ok, I admit, that's a really cool name). I never cared until I read this story -- and now I think the Flying Thunder God technique is the coolest fucking thing ever.

Yeah, so, read it.

If you're not familiar with Naruto there are roughly a bajillion places to read or watch it online or download it. I just use the manga reader on Naruto Spot.


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