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For [ profile] tielan who asked for Steve and Maria.

I feel like all of Shield has such as soft spot for their defrosted Capsicle, and they're all trying to shepherd him into the modern era... Steve's gotten used to it, you know? People are always willing to help him. :P

(after spending a little time on tumblr, I have suddenly decided to sign all my fan art. XD I am pentapoda there, and I will post these images there sometime this week, so if you want to post any of my art to tumblr... please wait.)

ETA: added this to tumblr.
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ETA: I'm now done with the 3 panel comics (I arbitrarily decided on 5 as a good number), and I've reposted them all here with the final, new comic. Original posts: Idol/HL/Twilight, SGA, and James Bond.

(All the comics are cut off in dreamwidth, so here is a link to the dw light format.)

Highlander/Twilight for [ profile] kouryou

Sparkles in Le Blues Bar )

Highlander/Adam Lambert for [ profile] astolat

Glam )

SGA: John, Ronon, script by [ profile] bratfarrar

Hrrrgh... )

Casino Royale: Bond, M, script by [ profile] siegeofangels

007, leering is not part of the waltz. )

Ronin Warriors: Rowen Hashiba & White Blaze

First, there was this picture for [ profile] spark_force, from the 20 min picture meme.
What? I lost my socks. )

Followed by: Maybe I'll go buy some socks. )
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007, leering is not part of the waltz. )

Script by siegeofangels, here. You may notice that these scripts get a lot more unsubtle after I'm done with them. >_>

More little comics here and here. Highlander, Twilight, Idol RPF, SGA.

The comic is cut off in dreamwidth, so here is a link to the light format.


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