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Hi all! These got posted during a slow time (Friday-Saturday), so I thought I would just REMIND YOU...

I submitted these t-shirt designs! They need votes to get printed!
Join Threadless to vote (give it a 5!)

See my previous entry for html to share my designs on LJ/DW. You can hotlink to my photobucket account, no worries, or you can upload them to tumblr or another website if you'd like to share them there!

I'm currently working on some thank-you Avengers and Teen Wolf fan art for folks who have already voted. If you vote, reblog, or otherwise boost the signal, please let me know! And then let me know if you have an art request. I'll do my best to at least get the fandom and character right. :) This is also probably the one and only time you can ask me for a wildly popular OTP slash pairing and I'll TOTALLY DRAW IT. FOR YOU.

Threadless is on my bucket list, I'm going to make it there one day, damn it. Thanks for helping! :)

(once again, there is RL overlap here, so please don't mention my fannish user name in the shirt design comments, thanks!)
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It's that time again - I submitted two designs to Threadless' Lion King challenge! You know what that means - Yep, 7 days of me posting every day!!! To remind you! Plus Bribery!

Dear Fandom,

Please vote for my designs! (Remember, 5 is good! Vote 5!)

If you link my designs or reblog or vote for my designs, please leave an art request here! I will try to fill as many of them as I can over the next week (as I continue bothering all of you with art posts about my designs). :)

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Please vote for my design!

Independence Day - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

This design represents a deep reflection on all I've learned from American cinema. Hopefully, it can be enjoyed globally and not just as 4th of July approaches. If you click the link and join the site, you can vote to get my design printed. :)

You'll need to join the site to vote, but it's relatively easy and you can disable the newsletter. Also, Threadless itself is pretty nifty. There are a lot of designs submitted and very few get chosen, so I would love it if you took a moment to vote for mine. :D :D

You can also help me promote my design with this embed code:
<a href="" title="Independence Day - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More"><img src="" width="220" height="119" border="0" alt="Independence Day - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More"/></a>

Fingers crossed, guys, and thanks. :D :D :D

ETA: Last time I tried to get a Threadless design printed, I offed fanworks in exchange for pimping the link. I am crazy-busy right now, unfortunately, but if you do pimp the link, please leave a prompt here for art (or fic, I suppose) and I'll see what I can do. :)
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T-shirts I painted, some of them a while ago, and never posted pictures.

For [personal profile] fairestcat, replacements for a pair of shirts that got lost in the mail.

The new zodiac: Moose & Dragon )

For [personal profile] cesperanza, a pair of wings.

Raptor )

And last, for my brother, what was basically a gag gift for his very Catholic friend. That I'm sure his friend has never voluntarily worn. :)

The Pope! ...Whee. )


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